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My Vintage Parker True Blue Lucky Curve

A special treat today!

I don’t normally share too much about vintage pens, mainly because I don’t have too many and really because I don’t know too much about the ones I have. However, I picked up a vintage pen at 2015 Scriptus Toronto Pen Show, and it’s a beauty. You can bet no sticky hands are grabbing this one to wave around and drop behind the couch.

Scriptus Toronto Pen Show 2015 Wonder Pens Blog

Parker Lucky Curve – the photo from my blog post on the pen show, when I had to leave this behind!

I picked up a Parker from the Scriptus Pen Show that ran a few weeks ago. I left it at the show with Jeffry Fridfinnson and his wife Erin, who had a table at the show selling restored vintage pens. Jeffry fixed it up to return to us, which is why there’s been such a gap between the show and this post.

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Caleb Adventures in the Halls

Our bricks & mortar shop is on the south side of a fairly large, mostly old-industrial type building. Sometimes you don’t really think about the rest of the building, or at least I don’t, because we have direct access to the outside – our doors to the apartment and the shop open directly outside, as opposed to into a hall – but the building is huge.

Since the cool weather has started coming in, and since Caleb has proven to be his own sort of adventurer, we’ve taken to walks through the halls of the building, which has been a lot of fun.

The whole building is a bit of a maze, with floors and half floors, and ramps, and stairways that go nowhere and angled hallways and you never really know where you’re going to end up. It’s not very logically organized here (as you may know, if you’ve ever had trouble finding the shop…). Even though the building is shaped like a rectangle, the hallways go everywhere, and there have been a few times we’ve ended up outside without knowing how.

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A Few Reasons to Learn Cursive Writing + An Article on the Subject in the Globe & Mail

I am so thrilled to tell you that the Globe and Mail published an article on the lost art of cursive handwriting and its place in our ever-changing and fast-paced world. I knew it was coming, mainly because Dave McGinn, the reporter, contacted us a few weeks ago to ask about our Children’s Handwriting Class and the parents that bring their kids and how it’s all going.

How to Learn Cursive Writing Why to Learn Cursive Handwriting Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

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