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My Vintage Parker True Blue Lucky Curve

A special treat today!

I don’t normally share too much about vintage pens, mainly because I don’t have too many and really because I don’t know too much about the ones I have. However, I picked up a vintage pen at 2015 Scriptus Toronto Pen Show, and it’s a beauty. You can bet no sticky hands are grabbing this one to wave around and drop behind the couch.

Scriptus Toronto Pen Show 2015 Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca

Parker Lucky Curve – the photo from my blog post on the pen show, when I had to leave this behind!

I picked up a Parker from the Scriptus Pen Show that ran a few weeks ago. I left it at the show with Jeffry Fridfinnson and his wife Erin, who had a table at the show selling restored vintage pens. Jeffry fixed it up to return to us, which is why there’s been such a gap between the show and this post.

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Parker Sonnet

We are now carrying Parker Sonnets!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that this Parker Sonnet with the brown rubber finish has been popping up all over, like here and here and here. This is mostly because we’re not exactly a large corporation, so the pictures on Instagram are of pens that I’m actually using and cups of tea that I’m actually drinking from. And you might be able to tell that I have had my Sonnet inked up since I first got it.

Some of you may recall when I got my Parker Sonnet and I fell in love. I sometimes get new pens just to check out and see if we’ll like them or if we’ll carry them in the shop, and we have a few dreams in the works coming up, but it’s rarely that I will mention them on the blog if we don’t really have concrete plans to bring them in. I made an exception for the Sonnet because it was just that pen for me. As soon as I got it, I knew I wanted to carry them.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

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Diamine Ochre

Fall has definitely arrived! I missed out a bit on the back to school excitement – parents and kids and teachers all fresh and clean! Crisp air! School supplies! I think for all teachers, fall is one of the best times of year (it’s kind of tied up with why we got into teaching in the first place). I think everyone has a little bit of nostalgia for the fall – it’s your new start once a year, all through those formative childhood years.


I am normally not someone who matches ink colour to the colour of the pen. Actually, almost all of my pens are brownish/yellow or black…but I’m working on trying new things. I normally try to match inks based on the nib and the flow of the ink – shading inks in broader nibs, drier inks in wetter nibs.

However, with the fall comes fall ink colours. How can you resist?


Diamine is one of my favourite ink lines, although I’ve noticed I haven’t done a Diamine review yet! Their ordinary looking bottles are deceptive – and often new (and let’s face it, more experienced…) fountain pen users gravitate to the more exciting Noodler’s labels – because Diamine has some of the richest or most vibrant ink colours out there.

I think Oxblood may be our best selling red ink, I have been told that Ancient Copper is “the” best ink ever made, the list goes on. Back when Salamander was released last year, and we found out we would only been getting three (3!) bottles due to limited supply from our distributor, we had some unimpressed customers (we have more Salamander in stock now…).

One of my favourite Diamine inks is Ochre.


The paper is Rhodia 80gsm, and the pen is a “medium” Parker 51 – one of my first vintage pens, and one of my favourites.  

The ink is a wet ink, flowing well as most Diamine inks do, even good for slightly drier pens or finer nibs. It is not waterproof, or even water resistant – definitely not for the addressing envelopes.


It’s not a particularly fast drying ink, more on the long side, but not exceptionally so. Ochre will be good on most papers, although of course shading will show up best on higher quality paper. With lower quality copy paper or school notebooks, you may get a little feather or bleed-through, but for the most part, it’s okay.


This is a solid brown ink. It’s brown without too much green or red, although it has a hint of orange. It’s not a super dark brown-black, it’s definitely a brown and has some good shading – even better in a broader nib.