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Tips on Teaching Your Children Cursive Writing + New! – Seyes Ruled Paper for Kids

We just got in these two new products from Clairefontaine that we special ordered weeks ago, specifically for handwriting and great for kids, and along with so much great interest from the recent Globe & Mail article on cursive handwriting, I thought I would share some tips on teaching your child handwriting.

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A Few Reasons to Learn Cursive Writing + An Article on the Subject in the Globe & Mail

I am so thrilled to tell you that the Globe and Mail published an article on the lost art of cursive handwriting and its place in our ever-changing and fast-paced world. I knew it was coming, mainly because Dave McGinn, the reporter, contacted us a few weeks ago to ask about our Children’s Handwriting Class and the parents that bring their kids and how it’s all going.

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Our First Children’s Handwriting Class

We just had our first Children’s Handwriting Class!

I think it was a success, but I think to really find out how it was you’ll have to ask the students (haha!). I guess I should’ve given them popsicles on the way out 😉

We actually had a waitlist of kids to come, so I think there are both parents and children interesting in handwriting. Even if you’re not interested in this whole “lost art” business, learning a skill can only be helpful to someone in life, especially something like cursive writing that aids in reading and writing. We were supposed to have a few more kids, but we had two cancellations at the very last minute, not enough time to contact our waitlisted kids.

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