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How to Change the Elastic for Midori Traveler’s Notebooks

We’ve been missing the elastic on our display Passport Brown Traveler’s Notebook for the shop for a while now, and finally, in a spurt of inspiration and productivity, I replaced it.

I think the elastic broke because people who aren’t familiar with the Traveler’s Notebook try to put the elastic back on the cover vertically, like a Rhodia or Leuchtturm elastic, rather than horizontally, which stretches out the elastic, and it snapped. Every time I notice this, it gives me pause and reminds me about just how unique this Midori Traveler’s Notebook system is, and why it’s become so popular with so many people who need an everyday notebook and planning system.

I figured since I was opening up the repair kit, I might as well try out some of the other elastics, since the kit comes with four elastics and one new metal nugget enclosure.

I have a Regular Size Blue and a Passport Camel, and Jon has a Passport Black.

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On Filling your TWSBI Vac-700 or Vac-Mini with the Vac-20 Inkwell

We just received in our shipment of TWSBI Vac-Mini pens and the newly re-released and re-designed Vac-20 inkwells, so I figured now would be a good time to introduce both!

I have never actually done a blog on the Vac-700 or the previous Vac-20 bottle. But of course, give me something in miniature form, and I’m all over that…

How to use your vac-20 inkwell how to fill TWSBI vac-mini vac-700 fullyMy ink of choice is Diamine Autumn Oak. If I had been planning this properly, I might have chosen a more festive colour, but Autumn Oak has some hints of red.

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How to Enjoy a Pen Show (First or Otherwise)

This weekend is the upcoming Scriptus Toronto Pen Show, and if you’re planning on going, I’m sure you’re almost as excited as I am! Almost, but not quite, right??

Some of you may be on the verge of cracking open that piggy bank, but lucky for me, I have the deep pockets of a handsome man┬áto reach into… and by deep, I mean, Jon has set a budget for me based on how much I’m willing to cut out of my washi tape budget. (That’s a joke, because “obviously” I don’t have a washi tape budget. That would be ridiculous. I just spend whatever I want willy-nilly.)

Scriptus Toronto Pen Show Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

Too scared to enter through the doors of the pen show?? Read on to find your courage.

Here are a few photos from last year’s pen show, without too much advice, mainly because I was a bit wide-eyed and dazed by it all – not so much deer in headlights as zombie in headlights. I do remember, though, diving in head first and not really knowing what to expect from a pen show. Having taken the year to recover, I figured I might share some advice on what to expect from the pen show, and a few tips on how to get through it all, especially if this is your first pen show.

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