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How to Change the Elastic for Midori Traveler’s Notebooks

We’ve been missing the elastic on our display Passport Brown Traveler’s Notebook for the shop for a while now, and finally, in a spurt of inspiration and productivity, I replaced it.

I think the elastic broke because people who aren’t familiar with the Traveler’s Notebook try to put the elastic back on the cover vertically, like a Rhodia or Leuchtturm elastic, rather than horizontally, which stretches out the elastic, and it snapped. Every time I notice this, it gives me pause and reminds me about just how unique this Midori Traveler’s Notebook system is, and why it’s become so popular with so many people who need an everyday notebook and planning system.

I figured since I was opening up the repair kit, I might as well try out some of the other elastics, since the kit comes with four elastics and one new metal nugget enclosure.

I have a Regular Size Blue and a Passport Camel, and Jon has a Passport Black.

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Notebooks I’m Using for 2016

December¬†is mostly about the holidays, but of course as the 2015 comes barreling to a close, I’m thinking about what notebooks and planning system I’m going to be using in 2016. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, mainly because I want to start the year off right. I think it must be my OCD that says pressure’s on if I’ve got the opportunity to start on January 1st and do the whole year off.

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I’m mainly going to be using four things:
1. Midori Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size
2. Hobonichi Techo
3. Quo Vadis Habana (+possibly others) for journaling
4. Midori MD Notebook A4

“This is a lot…” you say. I can only agree. What can I say. It’s what got me into this hot mess to begin with. You know, opening a stationery shop. And then moving in behind it.

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Ink Swabs + an Ink Book + a Just for Fun Contest

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved into this new space, but we finally, finally have new ink swabs up on the shelves! I know some of you were asking what was taking so long, and really, it was finding enough time to do this massive project properly.

We wanted to make sure we were organized enough to do it all correctly, because we also wanted to make an ink book at the same time. Over a few long and dark nights, there was paper chopping and ink spilled and lengthy discussions about burgundy vs brown and turquoise vs “peacock blue.”

Noodler's Ink Toronto Canada

But now, we¬†have an ink book! I know a lot of you were also asking for this, because sometimes you want to be able to compare inks in just one place, and know that you’re seeing “all of the reds” or “all of the blues,” rather than walking around between the shelves.

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