New (Regular Line) Midori Products

We just had our first home-cooked dinner here last night (i.e. frozen pizza and a can of soup), and Jon has set me up with a place to hook up my laptop and get to work. Super has peed on every tree around the block, so it’s like we’re home again. It’s busy and hectic and hustling, but we’re almost there. Even though I’m sitting here staring at a giant hole in the wall just put there by our friendly contractor, Nick, today.

Jon is at the old shop, wrapping up our last few days of business there, and packing up, leaving me here “in charge” with contractors and builders. What this really means is that I try to stop Super from smelling everyone and knocking over things while calling Jon every time a contractor has a question.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the world doesn’t stop just because we’re in the middle of a move. 

We got some new Midori products from their regular line for the Traveler’s Notebooks. We got these with the shipment of the Blue Midoris, but you can guess that these got overshadowed just a bit. We are getting more of the Blue Midori’s at the end of May, so sign up for in-stock e-mail notifications if you are interested in grabbing one.

Midori Traveler's Notebooks Inserts and Accessories at Wonder Pens Toronto, Canada

For now, we’re starting to fill out our line of Midori Traveler’s Notebooks accessories, and while we’ve carried their weekly planners, we decided to bring in their monthly planner for both the regular and passport size.

Midori 017 Regular 006 Passport Traveler's Notebooks Monthly Calendar Inserts at Wonder Pens Toronto, Canada

While we’ve always had the kraft folder for the regular size, we now have the kraft folder, 010, for the passport size.

Kraft Folder 010 for Passport Midori at Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

By now you’ve all heard my sob story about not being able to keep a Blue Edition cover, which Jon has compensated for by offering to let me keep one of these kraft folders for my Passport Midori. On a scale of one to ten, this is consolation of about …zero, but who am I to turn down more inserts for my Midori.

Kraft Folder 010 for Passport Midori Traveler's Notebook Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

After this, the baby will be up, and we’re off to Home Depot, which is basically the worst job ever. Jon gives me a list of things I’m supposed to get, and convinces me that I am a capable and intelligent human being who can purchase thousands of dollars worth of inventory for a stationery business and therefore indeed buy a “hose” for hooking up the dishwasher, based on instructions of “just don’t get a toilet hose or anything.” I just know I’m going to end up aimlessly wandering the aisles of Home Depot not understanding how there could be so many different types of hoses in the world, and then come back with the wrong one.

“Don’t worry, Liz, it’s, like, just a standard size. You can’t go wrong. But don’t get the wrong one.”

8 thoughts on “New (Regular Line) Midori Products

  1. Tim Parris

    Having gotten a dishwasher hose, easiest way is go to the plumbing section and find someone with an orange apron. Tell them you need a dishwasher hose kit. Also get teflon tape (or better, plumber’s cement ’cause the hose will go nowhere after that!)

    I also picked up a dishwasher wiring kit which is great since it means that we can unplug the dishwasher so much quicker when we have to take it out.

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      That is exactly what I did! Or, rather, haha – I asked a very helpful orange-aproned plumbing guy who spoke on the phone with Jon 🙂

  2. Ruth

    I’m glad to see your sense of humour is still intact, at least! Hopefully one the nice people in the orange aprons will help you find the right hose. Believe me, you have my sympathy in being left to deal with the contractor – been there, done that… and lived to tell about it. Good luck!

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Yes! Those orange aprons are famous 🙂 And very helpful! I think they also must develop a very strong sense of who needs help, haha! Renovations are trucking along, and when Jon comes back to see what’s happened, I feel like it’s my report card on the line! 🙂

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Haha, thanks for reading! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog – I think sometimes writing a blog is a bit like sending something out into a cyber abyss and you never know if anyone is reading it! I hope to see you in the new place very, very soon! 🙂


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