Leuchtturm Notebooks Price Increases

We got some bad news from our distributor this week – Leuctturm1917 is another product line that is seeing price increases.

Leuctturm Notebooks at WonderPens

As a pretty small Canadian business, we are certainly not trying to “lose touch” with our customers, and because we’re so small, we’ve gotten to know some of you pretty well. We do want to be transparent about why and how our prices are changing. It would be easy enough for us as a bricks & mortar shop to just raise prices in the store, but we do want to be open with you with how we do business.

These price changes are a reflection of the changing dollar and increased costs of doing business, for us when we import, but our Canadian distributors also feel the impact of a weak Canadian dollar.

We’ve been asked us to increase our prices up to MSRP. You may recall that in the last two months there was a big changeover in the distribution of Leuchtturm in North America – previously distributed by Kikkerland, Leuchtturm has now opened up its own distribution based out of the US, with Hornblower handling things here in Canada.

While these prices should not be much higher than you will see elsewhere – in the US, but also especially in Canada – I know price increases are not popular.

Our prices are going to rise as of next Friday, April 24th, 2015.

A5 Hardcover – $18 – $21.20
A5 Softcover – $15 – $17.85
A6 Softcover – $10 – $14.50
Master Slim – $27 – $31.30
Pen Loop – $4.75 – $5.55

Please take advantage of these prices while we have them! Remember that if you’d like to pick them up in store, but may not make it before the price increase, you can purchase them online and have them held for an in-store pick – this also makes sure you get the notebook and ruling you prefer.

I know that these price increases brings these notebooks to a similar price range as, for example, comparing the A5 Hardcover to the Rhodia Webnotebook ($22). At this similar price, you may opt for the higher quality paper in Rhodia, but keep in mind that Leuchtturm notebooks still have some pretty nice detail – page numbers, a table of contents (especially helpful for you bullet journalers), perforated pages at the back, and will also give you some faster dry time due to the slightly more absorbent paper (which can be a pro or con).

We are discontinuing the Leuchtturm Grey Linen Pocket – so if you are a fan of this notebook, now’s the time! Actually, this is one of my favourite notebooks, I guess because I’m a texture person, but they just aren’t doing well enough to keep on.


Some customers have already expressed some disappointment in how our prices are changing, and we fully appreciate your feedback. We listen to everything we hear from our customers, and as much as possible, try to incorporate that into how our business runs.

We’ve been meaning to do this for while, but in light of these price increases, we’re going to add some more package deals and refresh the ones we currently have. Pen and ink and paper and pencil packages to help with trying out new pens or papers, and will also help you save a bit if you’re looking to get a set. We’ll be getting those up and announcing tomorrow.

Thanks again for staying with us for as long as you have, and we hope you’ll stay with us a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “Leuchtturm Notebooks Price Increases

  1. markbee

    I appreciate these updates. I can’t think of many retailers who provide this level of insight, but I think it’s a nice idea and as a customer I’m pleased by having this information. I suspect I’m not alone amidst your other customers in valuing bricks and mortar stores, not only for personalized service and the ability to see and touch products before making a purchase, but also for the value that small shops bring to city neighbourhoods in lots of other ways. It’s small retail that forms a central part of binding our communities into safe, friendly, liveable neighbourhoods. I’m ok with paying a little more to help sustain healthy urban communities.

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate it. Having been a part of this Dundas West neighbourhood for a little bit now, I couldn’t agree more with how all the small businesses here on this street contribute to the character and heart of the neighbourhood. As much as we are looking forward to moving to Leslieville, we are so glad to have been a part of this community here.


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