Starter Sets & Package Deals

Here at the shop, we’ve been meaning to clean up our package deals offered on the site for a while now. You can see all of our specials and deals here, or by visiting the category on our front page.

I know we get a lot of folks coming into the shop who don’t know too much about fountain pens, but want to get started. Sometimes they come in to chat because they need some advice and aren’t sure where to start, but now you can look online and just pick up a set (at a discount!) knowing you have everything you need – not that we don’t still want you to come by to chat!

These are also great for gift giving – it’s like we’re finally getting our act together before the Christmas season comes and takes us over!

Lamy Safari Starter Set with Cartridges -

All in Black Lamy Starter Set – Black Safari with Medium Nib, a pack of black cartridges, and an A5 Dot Pad. Great to get started, especially if you’re not sure about bottled ink or you know you’re going to be on the go with your pen.

Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue with Eclat de Saphir Starter Set WonderPens


All in Blue Starter Set – Lamy Al-Star in Ocean Blue with a Z24 Converter and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir Ink. $66.50 (72 list)



All in Black Pilot Metropolitan Set – Pilot Metropolitan in Black, a bottle of classic J. Herbin Perle Noire, and a Rhodia DotPad in a Top Spiral. $35 (38.75 list)

We also have a few package deals for some of our other favourite things.

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens Set Deal at


We are now offering the full set of Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens. You can use your own bottled ink or Pilot cartridges with these. This is the perfect gift for calligraphers, artists or people who like to play around with ink. $63.00 (70 list)

Gotamago Note Cards Set from Wonder Pens

This note card set from Gotamago is perfect for keeping around for those situations when you need that emergency birthday card, a thank you note for your co-worker or just to tell someone you’re thinking of them. The cards are all blank inside, so they work in a pinch for any situation. $22.50 (25 list).


Field Notes’ is a brand that has its own loyal following, and whether you’re new to the brand and want to get started, or you’ve got your own well-worn stack of notebooks at home, this Field Notes Set has everything you need to keep your ideas handy. On a slightly unrelated note, my favourite thing about the Field Notes Steno Pad is that it has a really sturdy cover and back, so it doesn’t really flop around if your’e writing with it in your hand. A review for another day?





It’s no secret that I love Life Stationery. I use their smaller B6 Noble Note for my everyday carry,  and their paper is smooth and creamy and super for fountain pens. Our Life Paper Set is a bundle of some of our favourites to get started, including some notebooks and notepads, as well as the L Brand Writing Paper for correspondence. $51.25 (56.25 list)

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to swap out or substitute items from these package deals, including nib size changes. These packages are often good for total beginners who may not know what the difference is between inks or nib sizes, and we try to pick a good standard for introduction so it will also works for gifting. As well, we try our best to keep items in stock, which means we stock the items in our packages a little differently – this is part of why we can offer them at a slight discount.

Please enjoy browsing, and of course the warm weather as well!

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