Filling a Converter with Ink

Many fountain pens are cartridge/converter fountain pens, which means you can use either disposable cartridges (pop a cartridge in the back and throw out when empty, or refill cartridges with syringe) or you can a converter.

Here’s how you can fill a pen, a Jinhao 126, with Noodler’s Operation Overlord Orange, using a piston converter.


If you’re prone to accidents, you may want to use a paper or cloth underneath just in case. We like to live life on the edge.


Your converter may be a twist converter, but it follows the same concept as this, which you push up and down like a syringe.

Ensure your piston is all the way down.


Submerge your nib into the bottle of ink – make sure the whole nib is in the liquid. Pull up on or twist the converter to draw up ink.


You may find you have a sizeable air pocket because there was already air in the feed through which you drew up ink. You can push the ink and air back down, and draw up again a few times to get rid of the air.


Use a cloth or paper towel to dry off nib and grip section.


Put it all back together.


And you are good to go!


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