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Caleb & Super

When we found out we were expecting a baby (Caleb), we were most concerned about how the dog would handle it all. Not necessarily that the dog would be jealous, since he’s never really been jealous of anything, but that he’d be too crazy around a new baby.

The dog (Super) is a lab, a breed that is usually noted for being really great around kids, but Super is a bit of a maniac in general, and anything to do with him usually involves some barking and jumping and running around, unless he’s in his other mode, which is lying on the floor in a mass of fur.

Sometimes I joke that if it had to come down to choosing between the baby and the dog, it would be a tough choice, but I think sometimes jokes are funny because there’s a grain of truth. It really would have been tough to say good bye to Super, because (I also joke), he was my first love – I had Super before I had Jon.

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