What We’re Packing (With)


We re-use the styrofoam packaging that gets sent to us as much as we can!

How we pack our orders is pretty important to us – it’s no good for you or us if a broken bottle of ink arrives on your doorstep. Not only do we lose out on having to send it out again, but we’ll probably have an unhappy customer having to wait another couple of days or a week to get what they’ve already paid for.

The majority of our packages to you arrive with bubble wrap or these styrofoam peanuts, which we know are absolutely terrible for the environment.  We’re using them because we have them – it arrives in the packages that our suppliers send to us. Same goes if you find the New York Times or newspapers from Japan. Your bubble wrap may be blue or green or pink or clear, just like your peanuts may be a variety! As much as we can, we reuse the packaging that gets sent to us.

So you’ve got our peanuts – what now? Most Canadian cities do not recycle styrofoam peanuts so the best thing you can do is reuse them. Here’s a great article on things you can do with them! My favourite is to use them at the bottom of my potted plants for water drainage.


Find a newspaper article from Japan? Try your best at translating a comic!

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