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Swapping Nibs on Kaweco Fountain Pens

Kaweco has one main nib size that fits on most of their pens. It comes in two colours: gold, for their Classic Sport, and silver for most of the rest.

Kaweco Fountain Pens

Kaweco Fountain Pens

The swappable nibs will fit on:

Classic Sport (plastic)
Al-Sport (metal)

If you get a spare nib, it often comes in either a plastic section (some of the Sport nibs, and most of the italic nibs), or a nib housing, which is smaller and just around the nib and feed.


Gold-coloured nib in section (top) and silver coloured nib in housing (bottom).

The Classic Sport nibs are friction fit, meaning that you will need to pull the nib and feed out of your original pen’s section, and the new nib and feed out of the housing/section that it comes in. IMG_0026 IMG_0028

I recommend putting your thumb on the black feed, and the first knuckle of your index finger on the nib. Pull straight out (no turning), and the nib and feed should come right out. Swap.


When you’re putting the nib back on the feed, there’s a slotted area that the nib fits right into, so you can’t get it wrong. The bottom of the nib sits right at the ledge where the two indented circles are (closest to the finger).

For most of Kaweco’s other pens, including their Al-Sport, Liliput, Special, Allrounder and Dia2, it’s even easier to swap nibs.


Kaweco fountain pens with spare nib – the housing will twist right out.

The nib housing will actually unscrew right out, and you can screw the new nib and feed back in.



You can still pull the nib and feed from the housing if you need to.

You can still pull out the nib and feed from the housing if you ever want to get a really good clean, or if you receive a spare nib that is in the section instead of a housing that’s screw-in. This is most likely to happen if you order an italic nib, but sometimes it just happens.

Wonder Pens in Porter Magazine

re: Porter, the journal of Porter Airlines stopped by the other day, and just like that, someone’s handsome mug made it into the pages! We are thrilled. If you are flying on Porter this summer, take a peek at your friendly, neighbourhood stationery shop (that’s us!).

Tag us on Instagram or Twitter with #wonderpens if you’re on Porter and you see us!

Porter Magazine

Life Japanese Airmail Envelopes

These are my favourite envelopes in the shop. Most of the time I try to dodge questions about what my favourite products are, but sometimes favourites cannot be helped. They’re from Life Japanese Stationery, and these airmail envelopes come in a few sizes.


Airmail is something of an anachronistic notation – I think it has to do with the “olden days” where some mail was sent by ship, and more expensive postal would have your mail sent by plane. However, there is still something nice about these airmail envelopes, and around the world, there seems to be very familiar looking markings for mail or stationery to be sent “via air mail.” In college, I spent some time in Madagascar, and wrote Jon letters in envelopes with these very same blue and red air mail markings.



These are just the envelopes – I know there are some really old style envelopes where they come unfolded, and you write your letter on the inside of it. When you’re done, you fold it up into an envelope form and put a stamp on it.

There are three sizes – the largest (#4) fits an A4 or letter sheet folded in thirds, and the smallest (#7) fits an A5 sheet folded. The middle one (#6) will have to bear some folding of the paper to shorten its width it if it’s a letter or A4 sized sheet.

#7: 92 mm x 165 mm
#6: 98 mm x 190 mm
#4: 105 mm x 235 mm



The envelopes have a peel off tape for the adhesive, so no licking necessary. The inside has a blue pattern inside to keep your secrets safe. It’s printed right on the envelope, so it’s not another layer of paper, like the luxurious feeling G.Lalo envelopes.

The paper on these envelopes also has a good feel – not too heavy, but strong and smooth. They will hold up to wherever you need to send them.


According to the Canada Post website, when sending US or other international mail:

All letters and postcards must bear the words “AIR MAIL” and/or “PAR AVION” in black or blue on the address side of the item, in the upper left-hand corner, under the return address (when provided). The words “AIR MAIL” and “PAR AVION” can also be printed on a black or blue label, affixed in the same location.

While I don’t think Canada Post will actually hold you to this and detain or return your mail, with the convenience of many things Japanese, these envelopes say air mail for you! However, you can also get free Air Mail stickers from Canada Post just by asking.