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Construction at Dundas W & Bathurst

There is some construction on Bathurst intersecting with Dundas West, which is our major intersection to the East.

If you are driving, I would suggest coming to us from the north on College, and there is some good residential street parking around the neighbourhood. There is also the Green P, which you can approach from Manning if you’re coming along College.

The construction is not actually at our doorstop, it will just block you if you’re driving west along Dundas. If you drive west on College or Queen, you should have no problem.

Bathurst:Dundas Construction Notice

TTC Service Changes November 2014

If you’re taking the TTC from the city center:
1. Still take the Dundas 505 (but will divert north to College to get around construction)
2. Get off at Clinton Street
3. Walk south to see us!

Remember we’re at 906 so if you are lost, follow the street numbers (they increase going west), or give us a call at 647 461 2426.

Hope to see you soon! 🙂

Scriptus Toronto Pen Show

We went to the pen show!

Baby in tow, Jon sat me down for a stern talking-to about restraint and self-control, and we were off to Toronto Public Library’s flagship Reference Branch.

We aimed to arrive just after 10, hoping to avoid the crowds…but this was not to be.


See that leather portfolio? Staedtler “forgot it” in our shop because they liked Jon so much they wanted to make sure they got a second date! 🙂

Most of my pictures are of…people crowding around tables.


To the left here, apparently was Sean Gosse, nib tuner, however, I really wouldn’t know because there were crowds and line-ups surrounding the table the entire time we were here. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There was a raffle for prizes donated by exhibitors, including new and vintage pens, inks, stationery and letterpress. Ours, right in the middle, was an Edison Collier and a bottle of the new Sailor Four Seasons ink. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Claudia, from FPN, had a table set up to display and give away (!) samples of the new KWZI and Black Stone Powdered ink, which I haven’t tried yet! And she was also kind of enough to loan me a chair from her corner post so I could get a slightly better picture of more people crowding around tables.


The baby, who has spent most of his short life embarrassing us by alternately crying and spitting up at the least opportune moments possible, was dazed by all the sparkly pens (so was I, apparently).


I picked up a pen! A vintage Mabie-Todd flex nib. I was actually not looking for a flex nib, as I’m no calligrapher and flex nibs can be tough for on the go writing and notes, however, this was the pen for me.


Its nib is actually close to a medium/broad without any pressure, which is about what I like for most of my nibs. It takes some larger writing to get flex, but it’s extremely wet, so I haven’t been able to get any railroading yet!

Jon sacrificed his own pen shopping because we ran so short on time we ending up opening the shop a few minutes late! This is why I married him…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The turn-out was great – so great that I didn’t even get a chance to say hi to David, one of the organizers, because of the swarms of people around his table.

It was wonderful to see so many of our regular customers at the show. In fact, while looking over trays and trays of pens with hunger eyes, I literally bumped into a few! It was also wonderful to hear from a few vendors about how more and more younger generations are starting to become interested in pens, both modern and vintage. Actually, one of the best parts of this community is how older generations are so welcoming to us younger folk, and willing to share all of their knowledge and enthusiasm. Being part of this community here in Toronto and throughout Canada is one of the most fulfilling parts of starting this business and seeing it grow.

A show for next year has already been confirmed, and no wonder based on how many people were squashed into the rooms. Check their website for more updates. How exciting the things that are happening here in Toronto!

TWSBI Pens & Updates

TWSBI released some new products and updates right around the time we were starting to get busy, and I’m sorry we didn’t have more of a chance to share about them! Unfortunately, we’re just gearing up to say good bye to some of them now.


The long awaited red-blue 580 was released – the re-release of the original 540 ROC Limited Edition – and we got a few of the limited quantity. Our stock has dwindled to its last – it’s all we have left! TWSBI released an American version, but we got the original ROC version. If you are set on a nib size, and we’ve run out, your only option is to purchase the pen and an additional nib unit for it to swap out.

We are still petitioning Philip for a Canadian version…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The Mini in White & Rose Gold finish was not originally meant to be a limited edition item, however, TWSBI has pulled it off its line and what we have left is it. I’m pretty sad about seeing this pen go! I believe they may try to bring it back, maybe even as soon as in a few months, but who knows the machinations of TWSBI! Jon actually said that this is a pen I would like, but I wasn’t really paying attention until it arrived and he was right…

Keep in mind that the nib actually has a rose gold finish as well, so if you purchase a mini nib unit to swap, it will fit, but will not be the same finish.

The good news is that the Classic now has a post-able cap! I personally recommend the burgundy (even though I mostly use black and blue ink…)!

You can also check out TWSBI’s blog for news and updates.