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Last Day Prizes! Saturday, May 9th at 906 Dundas Street West

We’re closing the shop on Saturday, May 9th, and we’re packing everything up!

We’re pretty excited for the new place, but we’re also hoping to say good bye to this tiny shop that has given us so much opportunity has let this baby business grow into something is now supporting our entire family. Jon says I need to get my nostalgia in check, as I’ve got shelves to assemble and drywall dust to sweep up.

We’ll be open on Saturday, May 9th from 11am – 6pm, our usual hours, and we’d be so pleased if you could stop by!

Stock may be winding down as we’ve already started moving some of it to the new space, but we’ve got a few exciting prizes, so come by and try your luck! Mixed in among the sorry-please-play-again, we’ll have some bottles of ink (could there be an Iroshizuku??), a couple of fountain pens, a few of those illustrious Palomino pencils, notebooks, and more.

Fountain Pen Giveaway Stationery at Wonder Pens Toronto, Canada

We’re on track (fingers crossed) to open the new space Saturday, May 16th, but stayed tuned. We’ve still got a few balls in the air as the new place gets its last finishing touches.

Moving Round 1

We’re full in the midst of chaos and which-box-did-you-put-this-in and eating take-out until our stomachs are full of ulcers, or maybe that’s from the stress. With the apartment renovations (mostly) finished, we’ve moved our home into the back of the new space. The shop is still open, and we’re going to be closing that next weekend to move all that ink and paper and furniture.

With a little help from some good friends, we began the saga of carting our wagons full of worldly goods across the city, bumping into one of Toronto’s many marathons closing down Yonge, right down the heart of the city.  Jon said at one point he was in Parkdale, which meant he basically drove around the bottom of the city of Toronto. But not even Toronto marathons and traffic jams can stop us!

Caleb enjoyed his new guardian for the weekend and also more stroller riding and hugs in two days than he normally gets in two weeks! I believe there may have been some crying from the young prince….



We’ve moved in and we’re getting set up. We’re cleaning, unpacking, assembling furniture, making friends with the folks at Home Depot, installing appliances (Jon) and trying not to get in the way (me).

Today, Monday, the shop is closed, so we’ve piled up the logistical stuff of our move and deliveries of some of our new furniture for today. Some of it is much overdue workspace for packing online orders, some of it is furniture for the bricks & mortar shop, and we also had a big truck with appliances for the apartment.  We finally had Internet set up and as of right now, we’re still waiting on one last delivery for the day.


New ink shelves! Complete with dust and peeling stickers!


Delivery into the back courtyard of the building, into our packing and office area.

The bricks and mortar shop at 906 Dundas West is still open! Jon will be commuting back and forth, and it’ll be the first time in a long time that we won’t be seeing each other throughout the day.

It’s open until next Saturday, May 9th, when we’ll be closing at 6 pm. We’ll be closing up shop, packing boxes and going for Round 2, across the city. We’re hoping to get the new shop open for you May 16th, which will require a bit of luck, spit and tape.

This Old House

I came up this morning to rouse the baby from his nap, and I found the baby, who is supposed to be napping, looking naughty in his crazy dance pants, and the dog, who is supposed to be guarding, napping.



And here are the two of them, doing some sort of synchronized dance move:



With the apartment looking about ready to go, we’re getting ready to move our home into the new space this weekend. Boxes and boxes, poor judgement calls about what we can pack because we “won’t need it until we move” and then unpacked boxes as we search for items that in fact we do need before we move.

The pup and babe don’t seem to know what’s coming. Babies and animals are supposed to have some sort of sixth sense about major life changes happening, but ours seem to be bopping along just fine. Don’t they know the winds are a-changing?? That it’s the end of an era?? I think ours must be defective, or maybe they’re just playing it cool. (I’m pretty sure the dog is defective.)

We’ve got baby-sitters lined up for these two knuckle-heads, and I can’t tell if I should be more nervous for the baby or the dog. Or the baby sitter.

Jon and I have moved several times in the last years, from across the city and back again. Just before starting the business, we lived in Cabbagetown, and Jon and I both walked to work, which was a dream. I’ve commuted across the city before, and I felt like my soul was draining from me every hour I sat in traffic.

When we opened up the shop here in the West End, we knew we wanted to live closer to the shop so we could walk to the shop, do a bit of cleaning or packing in the evenings, and it also made sense when the baby came so there was more flexibility for the baby’s “schedule.” So we moved into a house just up the street from the shop.

We knew, or at least hoped, that living in the house separately was going to be short term, since we ultimately wanted to find a live/work, and I think that mentality (and the busy-ness of the business and having a baby) stopped us from really making this house a home. We’ve never really been the interior design kind, but I think we knew this was just a stop for us.

I didn’t think it was going to be sad to leave this house that we’ve only lived in for a year, but, after the baby came, it kind of became a home on its own.

I’ll miss our Portuguese neighbours who call over the fence as we’re both hanging laundry, “And how’s the little one?” I’m not sure if we’ll miss our crazy black toilet, but we have some good memories with the baby splashing around the tub. In our old house, we used to have a screen door that opened from the left, but in this house, the door to the backyard opens the other way, and it only took Super five months of waiting at the wrong side of the door to figure it out.

I kind of wish we’d taken more pictures, made some beautiful nursery for the baby, planted vegetables out back, but in a way, we didn’t need any of that for this place to be our home. We’ve got a dog that helps the baby out when the baby doesn’t know he’s got oatmeal on his face, a big kitchen table, and a few crazy dreams coming true.

Caleb and Super


Let’s pose for one last picture, boys!