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Pictures of the New Shop

also known as: Jon & Liz Getting Their Act Together

We had our grand opening weekend! For a little while, it looked like we might never open, but instead just go up in flames, but here we are!

I think there were some subway closures, and we were a bit worried about people having a hard time finding the shop, but we were lucky to have great weather and a few folks coming out to say hi.

We’ve still got a few things left on the to-do list, but I’m pretty sure we’ll always have a few things on it. In fact, we just got the “real” lights installed by the electrician today, although we broke a few bulbs installing the string lighting, so we need to work on those. We’ve yet to find the box of Platinum Cools or the Jinhaos, and I was pretty sure we had more Apache Sunset somewhere, but the thought of digging through the boxes of Noodler’s inks is going to require a stronger cup of coffee.

Here are a few pictures of the new shop. These are actually mostly pictures from before the shop even opened on Saturday, as we still have ladders and brooms out. Saturday and Sunday were packed and just flew by, so I’m glad we got a few snaps before time got away from us.









Even the baby got in on the celebration.

And a special treat! We made a short video of part of the renovations. Actually, among many other things, we are missing the piece that attaches the camera to a tripod, so I had to prop it up on the windowsill. I used to make videos with my students all the time, and putting this all together brought me back to the days of asking students how to insert this or change that and how come it’s like this. I do not remember, however, it taking so long to figure out how to upload something to YouTube. I thought advancing technology was supposed to make things easier…

You can see all sorts of exciting things, like a plant blocking the view of the camera, Jon climbing ladders in his slippers (safety first, Jon!), and footprints in the sawdust everywhere.

Also, I’m pretty sure there is some camera functionality that takes pictures every five minutes or something, but I’m more of the point-and-shoot type, so it was me running to the camera to press the shutter every time I remembered. There are some giant chunks missing, like when I’m being super helpful and participating in the setting up (you know, handing things to Jon, taking the dog out…), or when I’d just forgotten to take some photos. I wish I had gotten more of the renovations! It would have been fun to see the space from it’s completely original state, but I hope you enjoy the video in any case, and the new space! 

Grand Re-Opening – Tomorrow!

Things are coming together, at long last. We still have a ways to go, but tomorrow is the big day. It’s go big or go home, and we’re going big (although at the very least, our home is just behind the shop…).

It’s been a long and winding road, and among other savoury treats, Jon has been heard to say:

“Liz, balloons are not a priority right now.”
“This shop vac is a piece of [special word].”
“Liz, LIFT. Liz, are you even lifting? It has to be off the ground.” – followed by – “I need a man.” – followed by – “I mean, in addition to myself.”
“I think I have a hernia.”
“I think I’m having a heart attack.”
“It’s too painful to sneeze.”
“Do not show anyone this picture of me lifting this.”


I’ve done one side of the chalkboard sign, but can’t seem to find the box of chalk to finish the other side. I broke a light-bulb and I’ve made Jon move a rack that’s screwed to the wall twice.  There’s dust everywhere, and the shop vacuum is …inefficient.

But tomorrow, we will be ready. And I hope you’ll come to see us, say hello and check out the new shop!

We will be open from 11am to 6pm at our new location, 250 Carlaw, Unit 105. If you’re taking the Queen Streetcar, get off at Carlaw Avenue and walk north, it will just be a minute or two. Look for the yellow balloons!

We may not have everything at 100%, but we are going to have pens and inks and notebooks on display and prizes and treats and a gurgling baby and enough excitement to last us until Christmas.

And thank you all so much for sticking with us while we’ve gotten ourselves dusty and moved across the city. I know we’ve had dates come and go and a lot of changes, but we couldn’t be more appreciative of your support and patience. We’ve had delays in shipping out orders and we’ve been slower than usual in answering emails and phone messages. It’s been a big slog forward, but I think this change will be a good one. Here’s hoping to seeing you all in the new shop!

More Delays! But the End is Near

On one of our last days on the west end, I walked past a four or five year old kid, sitting dejectedly on his scooter, missing one shoe. He was looking up at his dad, who was maybe 10 meters away on the sidewalk, and this kid was saying, “We’re never, ever, ever going to get there.”

The dad looked at me, slightly embarrassed, and said, “No, we’re definitely going to get there. Just pick up your shoe first.”

I know how he feels. The kid, that is. I guess Jon could be the dad, but he’d be more like “Liz, people are staring at us. Don’t look at me, I’m pretending I’m not with you right now.”

We had really hoped to open up the new shop for this Saturday, May 16th, but we’re not going to make it. Instead, we’re going to open up on Friday, May 22 and welcome you to come visit as things may still look a bit hairy-cairy.

*Edit I originally wrote Tuesday, May 19, however, seconds too late! We received word that we won’t be able to open until Friday.

We’re going to have a bit more of a grand re-opening celebration on Saturday, May 23rd, and we will have door prizes and give-aways and some surprises. Please come and check out the new space and all of our hard work! We will be open from 11-6.

Despite the delay, things are coming together. We have, according to Jon, 99% of everything moved. Our packing area is looking a bit intense with all of the shop furniture, packing area furniture and some of our apartment furniture sardined in there. And as things come together, we’re pretty excited about what’s to come for us, although a bit daunted by the prospect of moving all the furniture into the shop once it’s finally ready.

Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Unit 105

Part of our new (temporary!) packing station. And where Jon does his number crunching and hair pulling.

I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to pack up our shop inventory all willy-nilly, but it has been a giant Where’s Waldo puzzle every time we need to pack an order. I used to think I have a pretty good memory, but I honestly have no idea in which box I’ve packed some of these items. The next time we move (i.e. never) we are hiring professional organizers who are going to bring their tupperware containers and label makers. 

And while we’re always grateful and so pleased to see new customers coming through our online shop, we’re even more grateful for our regular customers who have been following along with the move, and who have been so gracious as to leave comments on their orders wishing us good luck with the moving and unpacking, and extending their patience with us as we’ve been a bit delayed in getting orders out.

Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Avenue Unit 105

New ink sample drawers! And a sad pup who has no where else to lay but hidden away in the furniture.

Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Avenue Unit 105

Jon has been trying to set up our couch for the last few days, so we have a place to relax at the end of the night, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a while before we get to the centre of this Tetris.




And wouldn’t you know, we still have a few un-killable plants just waiting for some love. They have thrived thus far on hope and the moisture in the air, but don’t worry, I think we packed the watering can somewhere.