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Caleb & Super

When we found out we were expecting a baby (Caleb), we were most concerned about how the dog would handle it all. Not necessarily that the dog would be jealous, since he’s never really been jealous of anything, but that he’d be too crazy around a new baby.

The dog (Super) is a lab, a breed that is usually noted for being really great around kids, but Super is a bit of a maniac in general, and anything to do with him usually involves some barking and jumping and running around, unless he’s in his other mode, which is lying on the floor in a mass of fur.

Sometimes I joke that if it had to come down to choosing between the baby and the dog, it would be a tough choice, but I think sometimes jokes are funny because there’s a grain of truth. It really would have been tough to say good bye to Super, because (I also joke), he was my first love – I had Super before I had Jon.

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Caleb Adventures in the Halls

Our bricks & mortar shop is on the south side of a fairly large, mostly old-industrial type building. Sometimes you don’t really think about the rest of the building, or at least I don’t, because we have direct access to the outside – our doors to the apartment and the shop open directly outside, as opposed to into a hall – but the building is huge.

Since the cool weather has started coming in, and since Caleb has proven to be his own sort of adventurer, we’ve taken to walks through the halls of the building, which has been a lot of fun.

The whole building is a bit of a maze, with floors and half floors, and ramps, and stairways that go nowhere and angled hallways and you never really know where you’re going to end up. It’s not very logically organized here (as you may know, if you’ve ever had trouble finding the shop…). Even though the building is shaped like a rectangle, the hallways go everywhere, and there have been a few times we’ve ended up outside without knowing how.

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Shop Updates – Back in Stock + Wonder Pens at Home

It’s been busy around here! We’ve got some shipments with goodies to share, and stuff on the way as well.

Here’s the good stuff:

We just got our shipment of Jinhao pens, and we’ve restocked most of your favourites. Some of them pens we carry are in and out of manufacturing, but we’ve got a good pile on hand now, including the Pearl 606, the 126 in Matte Black, and the Lava 165 (my favourite!).

Midori Pan Am Vintage Post Card Jinhao Fountain Pen Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Blog Toronto Canada

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