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Vintage Pen Market: How it All Went Down

We had our first Vintage Pen Market, and it was wonderful! I was pretty nervous the entire week leading up to this, as it’s our first time running a type of event like this coordinating with vendors and trying to get the word out and hoping people will show up, and we even had a vendor cancel last minute on us last night, but everything went as well as we could’ve hoped for! Even better, really.

I got a chance to check out what pens some customers got, I also got to chat with some long-time customer-turned-friends, especially with Caleb napping in the middle of the afternoon, and best of all,  there were people buzzing in and out and around the shop all afternoon. We had young people and older people and families and students, lots of familiar faces and a few new ones too. It started dying down towards the end of the day, which was great, because I was exhausted.

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