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Watercolours & Some Thoughts on Creativity

So we’ve mostly recovered from the Vintage Pen Market this past weekend, especially since we also had Monday off. We left all the tables and chairs in the shop to put back together on Monday, along with a bunch of other chores, like grocery shopping and running some errands, but today the shop was back to business again.

Clairefontaine Graf it sketch pad Wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

I’ve been using the Clairefontaine Graf It Sketchpad to try out some new things, and I took a few pictures to share! I actually took these a week or two ago, but managed to let myself get too distracted to remember to post them. Normally it seems like I just use regular notebooks for writing, notepads from Rhodia or correspondence stationery, but I’ve been trying to stretch my creative chops lately.

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