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Wonder Pens in Toronto Star!

Pen and ink drawn back to bricks and mortar (That’s us!)


A couple of weeks ago, a writer from The Grid came to talk to us about the shop, and we were thrilled to be featured on their website. However, the best came when the Toronto Star linked up to the article, and published it in their print edition newspaper on Friday, August 9th!

I’d been hoping they would also put it up on their website so I could just link the article, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen. Here is a photo and a slightly larger image if you’d like to read about us!

Pen & Ink in Toronto Star

Click to Enlarge

We have been surprised and overwhelmed by the blogs and press we’ve been getting – it has been wonderful. I guess people are really becoming more interested in picking up a pen to write with once in a while!