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Postage Stamps – and Maybe a Letter Writing Club?

I had a blast with InCoWriMo, both sending and receiving letters, and which of course was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some more stamps that I had absolutely no need for.


These “glassine” waxed, acid-free envelopes are available for free at your local post office! Apparently there is also a larger sized red beaver one, but my post office doesn’t have any.


Before you laugh at me, I’m going to warn you now, buying stamps can rapidly spiral out of control. I’m serious. It’s like a bag of chocolate almonds, you can’t stop.

Since I’ve started purchasing postage stamps from Canadapost.ca, I’m pretty sure I’ve amassed enough postage to pay for one mailman’s pension. I’m not even “collecting” them, I truly intend on using them! Or so I continue telling myself. I would take a picture of the box that houses them all, but I’m too embarrassed.

Here are some interesting stamps from my “collection”-that-is-not-a-collection.


How could I resist this Sharpei of perfectly symmetrical rolls of fur that I could just grab and squeeze until he squeals with “delight.”


Baby Caleb was born in the Year of the Horse (last year), and so I got a sheet of horsies for when he is old enough to begin writing letters. Jon has warned me to prepare myself for the possibility that he may not enjoy writing letters like I do, but he’s got stamps just in case.



Jon was not impressed when these beauties showed up. But really, what could be more Liz than enormous, $8 bear stamps that I may never have an opportunity to use?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe great Roberston Davies on a stamp? And with that beautiful Santa-beard??

All of this is to say that we’re hoping to begin a Letter Writing Club once a month, after we move into the new space. One of the best things about this new space is that will now be space for things like calligraphy classes and Letter Writing Clubs.

I’m not sure how much interest there is, but please let us know if you are! You can leave a comment on the blog or twitter or Instagram. A no-cost monthly event to come and hang out and write some letters to friends around the world or family members down the street or famous people who are doing amazing things. And maybe enjoy a cup of tea, too.

I can hardly believe that we just have a month left here at 906 Dundas West. Time is flying by. ┬áThe baby is already giving me that look like he’s ready to pack his bags and head off to college.