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Shop Updates

Just a quick update to let you all know what’s going on here! Short answer: this and that and I’m on the bed with ice cream and the dog keeping my feet warm, while Jon is hard at work, keeping the ship afloat.


Here are a few shop updates:

  1. We got in Field Notes! Everything has been re-stocked, including the fall’s Shenandoah and the summer’s Workshop Companion, and we also got in the winter special edition of Snowblind.
  2. We’re expected more Superior Labor pen rolls soon! Maybe by the end of next week!! But with Canadian customs, maybe the week after. I’m particularly excited because we’re expected a new colour in the pen roll, and I’ve been working hard on convincing Jon that I have enough pens to require two rolls.
  3. We’ve got some new Pilot stuff, along with a bunch of other new products, that we’ve been sitting on for a while, and we’re hoping to get them online soon. Maybe this weekend! Check our Just In section over the next few days.
  4. We’re still shipping ink, and that includes Diamine! You know us, we like to live life on the edge; that is to say, we tend to wait until we hear stories of broken bottles before we pull them from online ordering, which is a bit dodgy because by the time we hear back, we’ve already got shipments out in the wild. But so far, so good, so we’re going to keep on keepin’ on.
  5. New dates for our calligraphy classes are up and listed!

Other items of note:

  1. Your best time to visit us is on Friday, when the soup of the day is Clam Chowder at Shirley’s First Break, which you definitely have to try at least once. Shirley’s is a take-out diner on Carlaw Avenue in the same building as us – look for the red sign. However, Thursdays is tacos, so, tough call.
  2. My lifelong crush on Oprah (Ugh! Wealthy and fabulous!) has culminated in discovering that she is on Instagram. She has a farm, and a whole lot of crazy followers, judging by the comments. I’m just a regular follower, if you were concerned 😉
  3. Caleb sleeps in bed with us, and I’ve been cleverly keeping things like my notebook and cellphone ‘out of his reach’ by sliding them under the pillows, but I’ve discovered that he now also stores things, like his toothbrush and Super’s toys, under the pillows too.

That’s about it for now! I had a great time at our last Letter Writing Club this past weekend, and I’m already looking forward to our next. I started and finished an entire letter! Which may not sound like a lot to you, but I usually only manage to get the first paragraph done at these events.

We’ve got a few projects coming along, and I’ve got a few blog posts rumbling in my notebook pages. With this cold weather and wind and snow I’ve been trying to keep indoors, although Caleb still seems to enjoy romping around the park. You’d think that would mean I’d be a bit more active on the blog, but actually I’ve been spending most of my free time trying to wrestle Caleb into his winter gear.

Saturday Shop Updates

There’s been a lot going on here! As I write, the shop is currently bustling as I’m here in the apartment, watching the baby snooze and the dumplings on the stove. With the fall weather starting to come in (Jon is still propping open the door, but those days are coming to close as the temperatures start to dip), I’m getting all tingly thinking about everything that’s happening.

We’ve started getting ready for the holidays, with shipments starting to come in from everywhere. We’re well into stocking up on inks in preparation for the winter freeze, when bringing in large quantities of liquid in glass bottles doesn’t always work as we’d like. If you’re thinking about ordering inks, check out more details about how we ship ink in the winter here.

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Shop Updates – Back in Stock + Wonder Pens at Home

It’s been busy around here! We’ve got some shipments with goodies to share, and stuff on the way as well.

Here’s the good stuff:

We just got our shipment of Jinhao pens, and we’ve restocked most of your favourites. Some of them pens we carry are in and out of manufacturing, but we’ve got a good pile on hand now, including the Pearl 606, the 126 in Matte Black, and the Lava 165 (my favourite!).

Midori Pan Am Vintage Post Card Jinhao Fountain Pen Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Blog Toronto Canada

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