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Open Call for Chalkboard Artists

In our new shop, we inherited a floor to ceiling section of wall that’s covered in chalkboard. The teacher in me is all over the idea of bringing up “students” to the board to have them practise their cursive writing, but we’ve actually placed our counter in front of it, since it’s the centre of the shop. Ironically, while Caleb is a bit fan of marker and crayon on the walls, he has yet to really show any interest in chalking up the chalkboard wall.

Because it’s in the centre of the shop, and because of the transient nature of chalkboards, we thought it would be fun to have quotations or artwork or anything there that might be a spark of inspiration or humour in someone’s day.

For our opening day, and for a while after, we wrote up one of my all-time favourite quotations about stationery: “There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery” from Dickens’ Great Expectations. Continue reading