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Scriptus Toronto Pen Show 2015

Today was the pen show! What a day. I had heard so much about this year’s new, larger venue and everything expected, and it was bustling and humming the entire time we were there.¬†There were one or two moments where I said to Jon, “I’m going to mention this in the blog!” but I was so excited that I didn’t write it down, and now those moments are forever gone.

The show opened at 10:00, and Jon and I aimed to arrive around then, since we knew we would be leaving early to open up the shop at 1:00. We arrived a bit later, I think around 10:15 or 10:30, and both show rooms were already full.

Scriptus Toronto pen Show 2015 Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Blog fountain pens

The entrance to the pen show. Coat rack almost full on the left Рobviously for people who managed to arrive early enough to have time to hang up their coats. For the likes of a late starter like me, no time for coat checking! Someone might be buying up all my pens before I get there!

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