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Back to School!

The unseasonably cool days in Toronto these past few weeks has brought back some not-so-distant back-to-school feelings! I’m a little sad not to be going back to school with the other teachers and students, but the shop is pretty exciting, too, especially as we gear up for some new products and lines coming in.

Even if you’re not actually heading back to school, the cooler weather and crisp air always brings back memories – childhood’s ingrained memories with the smell of fall. September always seems like a new year, a fresh start.

Here are some ideas to help you keep newly inspired at work or school, or treats for those little guys heading back.

Quo Vadis Agendas available at Wonder Pens

While iPhones and your digital appointment trackers are lovely, for some people, organization needs to come in a paper agenda. You know who you are if you are someone who just needs to write things down and see it across a weekly page. We have a few available in a couple of different formats for the academic year (August 2013-July 2014), and we also have beautiful Rhodia agendas!

Inside of Quo Vadis Equology Agenda

Inside of Quo Vadis Minister Agenda

Delfonics Flat Pen Cases in Khaki, Yellow and Natural White

And for all your pens and erasers and emergency coffee money and notes from class, here are a few of our pencil cases!

We had been running low on stock with these canvas pencil cases by Delfonics, but they’re back in stock! We’re hoping to get some double-fastener ones in any day, too – so check back on the website if you’re looking for a case with more storage.

Clairefontaine 1951 Collection Notebooks - Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

We’ve been loving these Clairefontaine notebooks – many colours and designs, but all kind of vintage looking and with the incomparable Clairefontaine paper. A new notebook is sometimes daunting – what to fill it with! But at these prices, they are perfect for your imagination and doodles and notes, and to throw around in your bag.

Ultra Smooth Palomino Pencils

And finally, the pencils. A brand new box of pencils? Long and smooth and luscious Palomino pencils? Freshly sharpened and bits of wood shavings? What else could inspire, at any time of year.
The matte black Blackwings are the softest lead, and the grey 602s are the hardest, with the new Palomino Pearls right in the middle.

Notebooks and Pencils! New in Store

To fully round out our offerings for stationery lovers, we now have a good selection of paper. When we first started looking, we wanted to specialize in products that were high quality, had great design and were a little harder to find, but of course, we also wanted to carry the classics that we all keep coming back to.

Now available are:

Rhodia Paper
Quo Vadis Habana Notebooks
Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks

Palomino Blackwing Pencils


Rhodia Lined Notepad

Rhodia paper is the classic, smooth, great-quality paper for writing, doodling, note-taking, etc. We’re starting out with the pads in orange and black and various sizes and rulings, and Web notebooks, in orange only – black has been backordered. A lot of our own ink and pen “testing”/doodling is on these pads.
Notepads: 80gsm paper
Webnotebooks: 90gsm paper



Quo Vadis Habana Lined Notebook

Quo Vadis Habana
notebook paper is actually from the same company as Rhodia, which explains a lot of their own following. For work or journalling, with pencil or fountain pen, Habanas have super smooth paper in a classic black hard or soft cover.
Notebooks: 85gsm paper.




Leuchtturm1917 Grey Linen Pocket Notebook

is another great paper company. Their notebooks have a lot of unique features, such as their numbered pages and table of contents, as well as the standard inner pocket and elastic closure. We’ve got the black in hard and softcover, pocket and A5. As well, one of my personal favourites is their grey linen notebooks – a great texture.
Notebooks: 80gsm paper.




Palomino Blackwing Pencil

We couldn’t be more excited for our first pencil product to be the legendary Palomino Blackwings. We have the matte black Blackwing and the grey Blackwing 602. Their iconic design and ultra-smooth lead are truly an experience – “half the pressure, twice the speed.”
Available in 3-packs or 12-packs.



As always, please let us know if there are any specific products you’re looking for, either from companies we’re already stocking or companies you think we should stock.

Looking ahead, we’re hoping to get a few more product lines up over the next two weeks, including: Lamy, Field Notes, J. Herbin, G. Lalo.