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Pilot Falcon Fountain Pens in the Shop!


Since we’ve moved, I have not been able to find my old copy of George Orwell essays book, but look what I just found instead!

We’ve got a few exciting projects and things in the works planned out for the next few months, and this is the first of them! We’re now carrying the Pilot Falcon fountain pen. I know, I know: good grief, finally.

For a long time now we’ve been asked about some of the higher level Pilot pens, and we’ve had them in our sights for about just as long. With Pilot, it sometimes takes us a bit longer to move on projects because of the long ship time from Japan (3 months!), which means a bit of planning and organization on my end (you can guess if that’s my strong suit…).

For the last little while, we’ve had new pens trickling in, some to try out, and some in good stock so we can start showing them off in the shop and online. I love soft nibs and line variation, so you could say that I’m particularly happy to welcome this pen, the Pilot Falcon to our Wonder Pens family, and in particular, my own nuclear family of personal pens.

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A Visit From Pilot: Japan’s Pilot Corporation Visits Wonder Pens

Crazy things are happening around here!

  1. Caleb has learned to walk backwards, and now he’s doing this crazy moonwalking/shuffling backwards thing all the time. He hasn’t fallen over yet because he takes very, very tiny steps, but it’s just a matter of time.
  2. Some folks from Pilot Corporation in Japan came and visited our shop.

Crazy! I know!!

You may remember last year we were thrilled to have VP of Crestar, Pilot’s Canadian distributor, come and visit our shop. Robert laughed at Caleb and told us some funny stories and we were all warmed through and through.

Looking back on it, I had titled the blog post “A Visit From Pilot,” even though it was really Robert from Crestar visiting, because Crestar and Pilot are one. However, now it makes this blog post seem a bit less exciting, even though this time, we actually had people from Pilot Corp in Japan walk through our doors!

(Not that it wasn’t exciting have Robert come and visit… but having some folks from Pilot Japan is pretty crazy for us.)


L-R Brad Pirie (President of Pirie Mckie & Associates), Yoshio Wada (Deputy General Manager of International Sales, Pilot Corp), Hitoshi Takiushi (International Sales, Pilot Corp), Linda Hamelin (VP of Sales & Marketing, Crestar), Jon (Head Pen Clerk, Wonder Pens)

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