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Back to School!

The unseasonably cool days in Toronto these past few weeks has brought back some not-so-distant back-to-school feelings! I’m a little sad not to be going back to school with the other teachers and students, but the shop is pretty exciting, too, especially as we gear up for some new products and lines coming in.

Even if you’re not actually heading back to school, the cooler weather and crisp air always brings back memories – childhood’s ingrained memories with the smell of fall. September always seems like a new year, a fresh start.

Here are some ideas to help you keep newly inspired at work or school, or treats for those little guys heading back.

Quo Vadis Agendas available at Wonder Pens

While iPhones and your digital appointment trackers are lovely, for some people, organization needs to come in a paper agenda. You know who you are if you are someone who just needs to write things down and see it across a weekly page. We have a few available in a couple of different formats for the academic year (August 2013-July 2014), and we also have beautiful Rhodia agendas!

Inside of Quo Vadis Equology Agenda

Inside of Quo Vadis Minister Agenda

Delfonics Flat Pen Cases in Khaki, Yellow and Natural White

And for all your pens and erasers and emergency coffee money and notes from class, here are a few of our pencil cases!

We had been running low on stock with these canvas pencil cases by Delfonics, but they’re back in stock! We’re hoping to get some double-fastener ones in any day, too – so check back on the website if you’re looking for a case with more storage.

Clairefontaine 1951 Collection Notebooks - Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

We’ve been loving these Clairefontaine notebooks – many colours and designs, but all kind of vintage looking and with the incomparable Clairefontaine paper. A new notebook is sometimes daunting – what to fill it with! But at these prices, they are perfect for your imagination and doodles and notes, and to throw around in your bag.

Ultra Smooth Palomino Pencils

And finally, the pencils. A brand new box of pencils? Long and smooth and luscious Palomino pencils? Freshly sharpened and bits of wood shavings? What else could inspire, at any time of year.
The matte black Blackwings are the softest lead, and the grey 602s are the hardest, with the new Palomino Pearls right in the middle.

How to Sharpen a Palomino Blackwing Pencil

or, How to Use your Palomino Long Point Sharpener.

Don’t laugh. There is actually a process to sharpening these beautiful pencils.

The Blackwings have wonderful lead that almost never breaks unless you’ve dropped the pencil and it’s landed on its tip. More likely, you would just be sharpening the tip to a point, but just for you, I have very generously sacrificed a Palomino Blackwing and broken its lead tip.



Step 1:  Sharpen the wood. Insert the pencil into the left hold and sharpen like a regular pencil sharpener.


There is actually a gap or trench between the end of the blade and the back of the sharpening area. Sharpen the pencil until it stops on its own – when the lead reaches the back wall.


Lead just waiting to be sharpened!

Your end result will be a long, cylindrical piece of lead with a blunt tip.


Sharpening the lead!

Step 2: Sharpen the lead. For this step, I like to be a little bit careful, as you don’t want to break the lead now. You’ll get quite a lot of lead shavings, and may even shape a bit of the wood.


And your beautiful Palomino is ready to go!


Trouble-shooting: if your sharpener isn’t giving you these crisp points, try tightening the screws holding in the blades – if they loosen, your points can break as you’re sharpening your pencil, which shouldn’t be happening at all.

Note: there are extra blades! They are tucked away by the hinge.

Palomino Pencil Review

Something to bring you back to your childhood…the smell of wood pencils, the recess bells, the anxiety of a math test.

No – the Palomino Blackwing is definitely not the same as your childhood school pencils. These pencils are legendary, truly a premium pencil. First made in the 1930s by Eberhard-Faber, they were discontinued after the company was acquired. After writers and artists began clamouring for that original quality, Cal Cedar began producing a new Palomino, with its eyes on that archetypal smoothness.


The matte black coat on the pencil is smooth, almost like the feel of smooth 100 gsm paper. The weight of it (while it’s still long) is nice – the eraser and holder adds a balance.

The pencil comes 8 inches, from end to end.


An elephant.

This Palomino Blackwing is soft and smooth, gliding across the paper. It’s softer than the grey Blackwing 602, making it great for sketching and drawing. It gives you a dark, rich lead, and you can really get some crisp edges or gentle shading with it (not that I’m any sort of expert – that is my elephant above).Image

The eraser, in its classic ferrule, can be pulled out or extended as your eraser gets shorter and shorter. Extra erasers are available, but I’m sure you won’t make any mistakes.

The white eraser that comes with the pencil is not super. There’s still a little residue left on the paper after some pretty thorough erasing.




Palomino even has its own two-step sharpener (which, evidently, I have yet to master). Don’t want any of those electric sharpeners eating these up.


If you’re going to go for a wooden pencil, there is nothing that beats this. It’s silky, quiet, smooth and reacts to your lightest pressure.