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Ellepi Metal Staplers

Ellepi Stapler in Vintage Metal Finish with pack of Mini Staples

Ellepi Stapler in Vintage Metal Finish with pack of Mini Staples

Whether you think they’re sharks or whales, these metal Ellepi staplers always attract a lot of attention when people come into the shop for browsing. They come in the Klizia line – bright, coloured metal (yellow, orange, green, white) or more vintage metal finishes, a lighter and darker metal, and a “tarmac” textured metal with gold handle, looking staplers. This one is the darker metal.

They look and feel industrial, heavy in the hand, with a satisfying crunch when you staple something together – and they staple 16 sheets together on first try!


The finishes on these staplers with the metal engraving of the logo and “MADE IN ITALY” reflect the idea that this is a stapler to last, not one of your plastic office staplers that jam up and break on you every year. Keep in mind that the vintage metal ones will have a bit more variation on them than the coloured or the tarmac finish ones, which have a consistent finish.


These staplers take a smaller size, which I think is standard in Europe, or at least Italy. Not standard, however, in North America, so they will be a little tougher to find at your neighbourhood box office supply store. Your stapler will come with a box of 1000, and additional packs are fairly inexpensive.

Be careful when opening the boxes – it unfolds very easily, and if you drop or spill them, it will be a commitment to fitting them back in the box nicely.



Filling the stapler is easy, but not quite the same as your standard stapler, which opens like an alligator mouth and you just plop the staples in.

You basically take out the spring, put the staples in, and then put the spring back in, which keeps the staples at the front. It will be very obvious if something goes wrong, but there aren’t too many places to go wrong!

How to fill your Klizia or Ellepi Metal Stapler - Made in Italy

The spring is held in by a hook at the back – push in a little and release it, and then pull the spring all the way out. The little red end is to hold the staples in place and upright when they’re in.



Mini Staples slide into the back of a stapler

The staples just slide right in. You can tilt the back of your stapler up to help it along if you’re putting more than one bar of staples in. You can put quite a few of the bars of staples since they’re so small, and so you don’t have to refill it too often.


When you put the spring back in, make sure the bar of the red piece is up – there will be a slot for it to fit in. Push it in a little and slip the hook back into place.



This stapler is really hardcore. Even though its staples are smaller than standard North American staples, they will staple more pages. It can staple up to 16 sheets, and these are Rhodia sheets, so nice and thick.


We’ve been having a tough time keeping these guys in stock through the holiday season, but they’re all here now. These beautiful staplers make a great gift or even a statement piece at your office or desk. They work, they work well, and they look good – all you could ever ask for of a stapler.


New in Store

This has been a pretty busy week for us in new products – taking pictures, getting them up on the site, and having a good go at them ourselves.


Noodler’s Black 3oz bottle.

We got an order in from Noodler’s, including new ink colours:
Dark Matter
Eel Gruene Cactus
Black Swan in Australian Roses

I know what you’re thinking. It’s slightly strange that a fountain pen stationery store might not already be selling Noodler’s Black Ink. We thought it was slightly strange, too.

Noodler's Nib Creaper Flex Fountain Pen in Grey

Noodler’s Nib Creaper Flex Fountain Pen in Grey

Noodler’s Flex Pens are complete new to the store. You may have seen our review of Noodler’s Nib Creaper, but we also got in the Ahab and Konrad. We’re carrying a few colours for each pen, but we’re hoping to get a few more on our next order.

Rhodia Black Webnotebook

Rhodia Black Webnotebook

We had the orange Rhodia Webnotebooks, but we finally have the black!

Rhodia "R" Premium Soft-touch Notepad in Orange A4

Rhodia “R” Premium Soft-touch Notepad in Orange A4

Rhodia R Premium Soft-touch Notepads – they’re a little pricier than the standard Rhodia notepads, but the paper is absolutely wonderful. You get fewer sheets (70 sheets as opposed to 80), but the pad feels just as thick because each individual sheet is slightly thicker. The paper is ivory and super smooth and 90gsm, as opposed to the 80gsm. We only have A4 in stock right now, but we are waiting for A5s to arrive!

And we couldn’t be more excited to get Monsieur Real Leather Notebooks in from the UK, especially as they’re only beginning to find retailers in North America. They’re a new notebook company, but they’re already making waves. They look and smell wonderful – and the paper is great: we’ll be putting up a review of these notebooks soon.

Monsieur Notebooks - Tan and Black

Monsieur Notebooks – Tan and Black

We’d love to hear any feedback about the products we have, or products you’d like to see! We’re pretty busy as we’re preparing for the store opening – we’ve got our fingers crossed for July 1st, but you never know with renovations.