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Mother’s Day Cards

With Mother’s Day coming up – Sunday, May 10th! – we’ve brought in a few of Gotamago’s beautiful cards celebrating mothers and women.

Gotamago Cards at Wonder Pens Wonderpens.ca


Lichia from Gotamago dropped these off the other day, along with a gorgeous card she prepared for her booth at the National Stationery Show this May! Gotamago will be at Booth 2066 if you’re going to be in New York for the show. Jon and I are hoping to go next year!

Even though Mother’s Day is ostensibly to celebrate moms and motherhood, I think it’s also a great day to appreciate the women around you who take care of you in those many invisible ways.

Mother's Day Cards & Gift Ideas from Wonder Pens


Mother's Day Cards & Gift Ideas from Wonderpens.ca

Mother's Day Card & Gift Ideas from Wonder Pens Toronto Canada


Mother's Day Gift and Card Ideas from Wonderpens.ca

Mother's Day Card & Gift Ideas Wonder Pens Stationery Toronto Canada


You can browse all of the Mother’s Day Cards, or find all of the cards here. Stay tuned for a few gift ideas coming up.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Gifts

While I myself would never turn my nose up at a bouquet of flowers, you might be thinking of a more interesting gift for your mum. Something unusual or surprising – and that she might keep for longer than a box of chocolates will last on her desk.


Lamy Safari Charcoal Black

Consider a Lamy fountain pen starter set for a mom that is on-the-go and needs to toss a pen in her bag as she’s out the door. This set comes with everything she’ll need to get started, and you might even consider adding a bottle of ink in her favourite shade of purple or green!

Have a mother in mind who already loves stationery? Consider a beautiful Japanese leather pen case for her – perfect for her favourite fountain pens. It’s slim and smooth, and the leather will only become more elegant with time.


Life Japanese Stationery Leather Pencil Case: Black, Red & Brown


Kaweco Sport Clear with Gold Clip

For your mom who has a funky sense of style there is a Kaweco fountain pen waiting! Its clear body and octagon design is the ultimate accessory for the trendy mom. Small and portable enough for a pocket, companion for the cafe, durable enough for sticky fingers.


Leuchtturm1917 Grey Linen Pocket Notebook

And the pair for all her pens: a pocket Leuchtturm1917. The grey linen texture is the touch of class for to-do lists, doodling or orchestrating the perfect work-life balance.

Happy Mother’s Day!