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Field Notes: Shenandoah + Workshop Companion Seasonal Editions, and Expedition

Our Field Notes shipment came in, all full of goodies!

We now have the latest fall seasonal edition, the Shenandoah. This edition is comprised of three green covered notebooks, inspired by trees found in the Shenandoah National Park: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple.

Shenandoah Field Notes Fall 2015 Seasonal Edition Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

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Edison Limited Edition Collier in Black Rose Acrylic

Edison just released his newest Limited Edition Collier in this beautiful Black Rose acrylic finish. It is gorgeous, and I’m swooning. It’s this rich, dark rose and black mix, there’s brown and burgundy and reddish and amber and when you turn it in the light, you can really see how much depth is in the material.

There are 150, each numbered. We have some pretty good numbers, nice and early, but unfortunately we aren’t able to take any special requests!

Edison Limited Edition Collier in Black Rose Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

Edison Collier in Black Rose Limited Edition Fountain Pen wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

Edison Collier Limited Edition in Black Rose Acrylic Wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Toronto

Edison Black Rose Limited Edition Collier Fountain Pen Toronto Canada Wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Blog

Edison Collier Black Rose Limited Edition Wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

These are going to be a bit more expensive than the regular Production line Colliers due to the cost of the material. Brian Gray from the Edison Pen Company talks more about that in his video which I’ve linked below. It’s $159 USD, and we’re selling it for $206.50 CAD with the exchange rate.

As usual, these pens take their No. 6 nib, and you can always purchase spare nibs to get a different size if you need to. It takes a standard international long or short cartridge, but it comes with a converter to use bottled ink. You can also convert this to an eyedropper with the help of a little silicone grease, which I’m all about. You can find the pens on our site here. With Limited Editions it’s sometimes a bit hard to predict how fast they’ll go, although this is a really gorgeous material.

Jon and I have been having some “friendly” debate over whether or not I get to keep one, since they are such a limited edition. So if you get No.18, you’ll know I lost the debate…

The End of the TWSBI 580 AL-Oranges

We’re saying good-bye to the TWSBI 580 AL in Orange. We just got our last shipment in, and once those are gone, they’ll be gone! If you’ve been thinking about it, don’t think for too much longer. We still get occasional emails about the Mini in White & Rose Gold, and the Micarta, both of which have been discontinued for a while now.

TWSBI 580 Orange Aluminum at Wonderpens

I think all of the colours of the ALs that are to be released are going to be limited editions, and the next one coming up is Purple. Also, Vac-Mini to come.

I know, I know. All these limited edition pens! Which to get?? If it makes you feel any better, we basically had to open a shop to make something productive out of my compulsive stationery buying habits.