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Wonder Pens in The Grid!

The Grid came for another visit to our neck of the woods, this time for a closer look at some of the stuff we have in the shop. It is always exciting when someone comes to ask questions about the differences between paper and inks and pens and who are these crazy folks still using this stuff? Nancy Tong came for the chat, and Reynard Li came for the photos.

Special thanks to Reynard, who had to suffer through taking photos of me and Jon – a situation way too reminiscent of other photo “opportunities” where Jon is too tall and I’m too short and we’re both too awkward to smile properly.


Hope you can pick up a copy of The Grid and check out what you can browse in store or online!

Hallowe’en Giveaway – a Lamy Al-Star and a Bottle of Diamine

It’s finally time for our first giveaway!

Wonder Pens Hallowe'en Giveaway - Limited Edition Lamy Al-Star in Matte Black and Diamine's Pumpkin

Wonder Pens Hallowe’en Giveaway – Limited Edition Lamy Al-Star in Matte Black and Diamine’s Pumpkin

We have been saving one of our very last Lamy Al-Stars in the Limited Edition Matte Black for just this very occasion. Along with the pen is a bottle of Diamine Pumpkin (we’re saving up the creativity for the next giveaway…).

Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter for your chance to win. There will only be one winner, but if you can get two chances to win if you’re on Facebook and Twitter. Bonus marks (and maybe a bonus surprise!) if you tell us the perfect use for orange ink!

The contest closes on October 31st, and the winner will be posted here on the blog the same day. The winner will have one week to e-mail or call or send us a message to claim their prize.

This contest is only open to Canadian residents.



How to Use Your Kaweco Squeeze Converter

Kaweco Classic Sport with Squeeze Converter and Noodler's Army Green Fountain Pen Ink

Often people who use fountain pens like converters because they allow you to use bottled ink. For a long time, people who used the Kaweco Sport didn’t have a converter that could fit in its short barrel, only having touch-and-go luck with a short mini-converter from Monteverde. Earlier this year Kaweco released a “squeeze converter.”

Kaweco Squeeze Converter

Kaweco Squeeze Converter for Sport and Al-Sport

I have heard many times people saying something along the lines of “I can’t quite seem to fill this converter all the way” or “this converter sucks.” There’s a bit of a trick to using it effectively.

It’s easiest to use the squeeze converter with a full bottle or a wide bottle, or at least not the bottom bit of a tall ink bottle like Noodler’s, because you need to squeeze in the middle of the converter rather than twisting the top of the converter – you might have some problems squeezing if your fingers are stopped by the mouth of the inkwell.

How to Fill your Kaweco Squeeze Converter with Ink

The first step is pretty self-explanatory. Stick your nib and section into the ink and give it a good slow squeeze or two or three. You should see some air bubbles or maybe hear a little suction.

You may think it is empty, because there doesn’t seem to be anything in the converter.

Filling a Kaweco Squeeze Converter Part-Way with Ink

However, turn it upside down, and give it a few firm taps or careful shakes. You can try tapping the converter against your table. Some ink should fill the end of the converter.

Kaweco Classic Sport Section and Filling Squeeze Converter

Squeeze again, but very carefully, to release the air in the converter. Be careful not to squeeze too fast, or you might spurt out ink that was in the feed. You should hope to see some air bubbles coming out at the breather hole in the feed.

Stick it back into the ink while squeezing and release, sucking up more ink.

If you give it a tap again upside down, you should hope to see more ink! Repeat as needed, and wipe off the section when you’re done.

Mostly Full Kaweco Squeeze Converter

It will be very difficult to both get or tell if you’ve gotten 100% fill. It’s much easier with the piston fillers because the entire tank is clear so you can see. However, if you’ve gotten it basically full, you should be good to go.

While it’s not the most easy-to-use converter, with a little practise, it’s Kaweco’s answer to getting the Sport to use bottled ink without a syringe or eyedropper.

If all else fails, you can always live life on the edge.