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Holiday Gift Guide for Fountain Pen Lovers (When You Don’t Know Anything About Pens)

It’s that time of year! I feel like I know enough super organized people in my life, the sorts of people who buy their Christmas gifts in September when something goes on sale, that some of it should have rubbed off on me. I’m working on it. It’s still early December.

But for those of you that may be starting to look around, here are a few ideas related to stationery and fountain pens for someone in your life who loves writing.

A fountain pen is a great idea for someone who writes a lot in their job or is a student, or just someone who might something on the analogue side of thingsĀ – and for these folks, generally a good quality, entry level, fine or medium nib pen, such as the Lamy Safari or the Pilot Metropolitan, is perfect. They are good enough quality that the new user won’t be turned off by mysterious leaks, they are reliable and easy to use, and a way to learn about fountain pens without spending a lot of money. If they want to spend more later, they’ll have learned a bit about what they like or don’t like in a fountain pen.

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