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Hobonichi Techos (!!!)

They’re in! The Hobonichi Techos + their covers have finally arrived. I’m a bit more relaxed now compared to my initial blog post announcing that we’re going to be carrying them because I have mine next to me as I’m writing this post 🙂

Hobonichi Techno 2016 Wonder Pens Blog Wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

It’s the craziest thing about these shipments we get directly from Japan: these boxes with Japanese labels and characters and they’re slightly beaten up looking, but with absolutely minimal packaging, our new and precious items all arrive safely and perfectly fitted into these perfectly sized cardboard boxes.

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Shop Updates: Hobonichi Planners

I couldn’t be more excited about this!!

I was almost going to put a exclamation marks in the title to share my excitement, but I had read somewhere that an exclamation mark is like laughing at your own joke, which might be a bit too intense for a title. However, I couldn’t resist a few exclamation marks in the first sentence of this post, so just imagine me laughing really really hard as I’m telling you that we’re going to be carrying the 2016 Hobonichi planners in the shop!

Wonder Pens wonderpens stationery shop Toronto Ontario Canada Fountain Pens

We are going to be carrying the 2016 Hobonichi Planners, as well as a few of the standard covers (black and blue-green).

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