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We’re Hiring!

We’ve reached a bit of a tipping point here at the shop, and it’s finally time: we’re hiring!

We’ve been talking about this for a while now, although I think we’ve put it off for as long as possible. Actually, for me at least, I think I kind of like the way things are, but there are days when we work late into the night and we still can’t quite catch up.

This is exciting news, although also a bit crazy to consider. These first two years have been a wild ride in the best possible way, but as we grow, we’re reaching the point where we need to start taking on an extra pair of hands – helping to unpack inventory, to work in the shop when it gets busy (especially when I’m wrestling Caleb in the apartment), packing up orders. Big new releases like the Emeraude of Chivor or the Blue Midori’s sometimes mean we get a bit backed up, but we’d like to improve how long we take to pack orders up for shipping.

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Our packing area does not look like this anymore…but the dog is still here.

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