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Ink Swabs + an Ink Book + a Just for Fun Contest

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved into this new space, but we finally, finally have new ink swabs up on the shelves! I know some of you were asking what was taking so long, and really, it was finding enough time to do this massive project properly.

We wanted to make sure we were organized enough to do it all correctly, because we also wanted to make an ink book at the same time. Over a few long and dark nights, there was paper chopping and ink spilled and lengthy discussions about burgundy vs brown and turquoise vs “peacock blue.”

Noodler's Ink Toronto Canada

But now, we have an ink book! I know a lot of you were also asking for this, because sometimes you want to be able to compare inks in just one place, and know that you’re seeing “all of the reds” or “all of the blues,” rather than walking around between the shelves.

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Back to School Giveaway Winner!

I absolutely loved reading the comments from this giveaway – fall really is such a nostalgic time, but also kind of a rejuvenating time, which is a bit interesting considering spring is usually what we’d consider the “fresh start” of the seasons.

So many of you shared some new adventures or challenges or changes ahead in the fall, and I hope you all really enjoy the journey, whether you’re starting a new school year or moving somewhere or just settling down after a hot and hazy summer. If you have the time, read through some of the comments to see where everyone else is in their life! It’s a bit encouraging and inspiring to see all the fresh spirits people have for the fall.

And some of them also gave me a good laugh. My favourite has to be VA, who said “You guys are awesome…” HAHA. If only everyone in the world felt that way 😉

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Thoughts on a Fresh Fall Start (+ a Back to School Giveaway)

Fall is my favourite time of the year. Spring is also nice, it’s stretching again after a long winter’s hibernation, but there is nothing quite like fall. It’s fresh and the air smells clean and crisp and you can feel the wind in your hair. Everything is great about fall, the leaves, the weather, the back to school excitement. I even love fall colours! Brown! Diamine Ochre and Ancient Copper, Kiowa Pecan, Lie de The, Oku-Yama, Alt-Goldgrun.

You can get hot apple cider and savour every sip as the weather gets chillier. People are returning to the city after their long summer vacations and cottage stays, and everything is bustling again.

Every year, Jon and I talk about driving up to Kingston and seeing some of that fall foliage and reliving the old memories, walking by the lake, and maybe this will be the year!
Did you know? When Jon and I were in school and he was “wooing” me, he made a kite out of old shirts from both of us cut up and hand-stitched together, not following one manual of instruction on kite-building. After it was all put together, we brought it down to the lake to see it fly! Unfortunately, it was unable to take flight… 

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