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Field Notes: Shenandoah + Workshop Companion Seasonal Editions, and Expedition

Our Field Notes shipment came in, all full of goodies!

We now have the latest fall seasonal edition, the Shenandoah. This edition is comprised of three green covered notebooks, inspired by trees found in the Shenandoah National Park: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple.

Shenandoah Field Notes Fall 2015 Seasonal Edition Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

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Field Notes Spring Seasonal Edition – Two Rivers

We’ve carried Field Notes for a long time. We have their three-packs and their seasonal editions, their steno pads, and we usually try to keep stock of their pencils, although I’m not so good at that because we’re kind of pen people here.

Field Notes Memo Books at Wonder Pens in Toronto, Canada wonderpens.ca

Jon uses one of their Memo books, and I like how they look when they get all weathered and beaten up. I’m an inky person, and I like my lines all crisp and shiny, so for me Field Notes paper is okay – it’s really meant for people who are using ballpoints and pencils and gel pens and extra fine or fine fountain pen nibs. They’re memo books for slipping in your pocket and being on the go, pulling it out on the TTC when you come up with that brilliant idea, or remembering you need to pick up milk on the way home from work.

Field Notes has their standard line-up, and over time, I’ve gotten to know a few customers who use these notebooks to get through their daily grind and keep sane. They also release a seasonal edition, which is produced in limited quantity. Because a big part of the culture of the company is made in the US, they often seek out topics or themes that represent pride in their heritage and history and how the notebooks are made. 

This spring’s seasonal edition is called Two Rivers

Field Notes Memo Books at Wonder Pens in Toronto, Canada wonderpens.ca

I have never truly LOVED a Field Notes…until now.

The Hamilton Manufacturing Company, of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, manufactured typefaces for printing from 1880 up until the mid 20th century. Field Notes partnered with the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum to create this Two Rivers Edition of Notebooks with their set of vintage wood typefaces.

Field Notes Memo Books at Wonder Pens in Toronto, Canada wonderpens.ca

As soon as this shipment came in, Jon gave me his Liz-be-responsible-you-are-an-adult-and-you-cannot-keep-hoarding-stationery-supplies look. He knew what was coming. It took some convincing (i.e. coercing), but he conceded to a second three-pack under the stipulation that it is to take photos for the blog.

Field Notes Memo Books at Wonder Pens in Toronto, Canada wonderpens.ca

Each three-pack of notebooks will have three of the four available colours.


There are four different colour sets of notebooks – a yellow/green (my favourite, obviously), an army green/brown, a white/blue and a light blue/purple, and in your three pack, you’ll get three of these four colours. 

Here are some things I love about this edition:

1. None of them are the same. Each and every single notebook is going to be slightly unique, like snowflakes, and like you and I.

2. It’s letterpress! The little I know about vintage types and letterpresses is that you’re not supposed to press too hard. Modern letterpress favours a deep, rich impression, but you keep going on like that with the vintage types, you’ll wear out the crispness of types fast. I can just feel some of the actual letterpress impressions on the notebook covers – I am all about that tactile feeling of paper and notebooks.

Field Notes Memo Books at Wonder Pens in Toronto, Canada wonderpens.ca

3. It’s all vintage typefaces – so if you’re a graphic designer, lettering artist, into type, this is right up your alley.

4. You’re supporting the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum with the purchase of each three-pack. Helping to support an institution that preserves and shares some of the heritage and history of type and printing – what could be better.

And if that is not enough to convince you, check out the video Field Notes made on the production of these notebooks.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/121834095″>Field Notes – ‘Two Rivers’ Edition – COLORS Spring 2015</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/coudal”>Coudal Partners</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

You can get it online here or come visit us in the shop. We’ve got limited stock now, but we have more coming in soon. If we’re sold out online, you can sign up for the e-mail alert  to notify you when it’s back in stock. These are a seasonal edition, so once that shipment sells out, they’ll be gone for good!

Field Notes Brand Memo Books

“I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”


Field Notes Patch (included in the National Crop Six-Pack)

Field Notes Memo Books are now available! We couldn’t be more excited to carry this brand of notebooks that has made its way around the world based on its simple, classic design. They’ve brought back the vintage, agricultural notebooks and created a series of notebooks that are durable and flexible.


National Crop 6-Pack Memo Books

These notebooks were made to be used, bent, folded, back-pocket-sat-upon, thrown into your bag. The rounded corners mean they aren’t prone to getting caught on things and creasing the corners. Each notebook is bound by a Heidelber ST350 “Stitchmaster” 8-pocket saddle stitcher to make sure your pages aren’t going to come apart.


Each of the pocket notebooks measures 8.9cm x 13.9cm (3.5″ x 5.5″), and are available in ruled, grid or plain.

The inside cover has space for you to write in some information, and the back cover has all the details you’ll need on using the notebook, including the specifications, practical applications, Field Notes’ story and a ruler.

I have to say one of my favourites of the Field Notes products is their Steno pads, but I like Steno pads in general. These have the classic Gregg ruling – one vertical line down the middle and horizontally ruled.


The covers on these are thick, making your your pad doesn’t bend in half after being crunched in your bag as you sit on the TTC. And, additionally, if your TTC commute is exceptionally long, you can always take a skim through the covers, and find all sorts of fascinating information. Wire bound, so it lies open flat.


How does the paper fare?


Writing Sample – Field Notes Memo Book with Lamy Safari EF & Rohrer and Klingner Alt-Goldgrun


The paper worked pretty well for my Lamy Safari with EF nib, and Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun, but wetter nibs may not fare so well. The feather was minimal and the bleed-through was also minimal, but again, the EF nib was probably a big factor in that. A ballpoint, gel or roller point might be your best bet if you’re on the go.

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