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Things to Do on Dundas West

Spring is here, and it has meant our weekends have been getting busier than ever, with everyone out strolling and getting Porchetta sandwiches and wandering the streets of Toronto. Which is wonderful.

Here are some last things to do if you’re coming to see us over the next two weeks.

1. Check out Odile Chocolat at 829 Dundas W. I discovered this place pretty late into my time here because I always thought I was more of a M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces chocolate type of person, but it turns out I’m not. In addition to their chocolate truffles, try their salted chocolate caramels. Odile, the owner, is wonderful as well, and not only because she occasionally has some chocolate treats under the counter…

2. Mostly for you ladies, Bookhou has some beautiful handmade bags and pillows and screen printed fabric things. However, John of Bookhou also makes some amazing wood pieces, including our mobile above Caleb’s crib. When we first got it, it smelled of the finishing oils John used on the wood, and Super couldn’t stop licking. 798 Dundas W.

Bookhou Mobile

3. Tucked away (but you know we are a fan of places that are tucked away!) and a two minute walk from us is a sandwich restaurant called California Sandwiches, which you must try at least once. It looks a little shady, but the sandwiches are worth it. They are massive, Jon can barely finish one on his own, but he gets it done. I recommend the veal, and I like mine with extra sauce and added cheese. Get a few spare napkins. They are at 244 Claremont, which is the closest cross street to the east of the shop, and just north.

4. And finally, pay a visit to our local grocery shop, Dundas Street Grocery, at the corner of Claremont and Dundas W. They are still family run (and their family lives down the street from us!), and whenever I visit, I often find myself in clouds of Portuguese conversations with some of the Portuguese families in the neighbourhood. Pick up some picnic fixings, and head over to Trinity Bellwoods for a beautiful afternoon. They have fresh bread and buns, cheese, drinks, fruit, sandwich meat and more.



With this beautiful weather, we’ve been taking Caleb for walks down to Queen Street and up to College, and of course to the park for some fresh air. He seems set on crawling to the edge of the blankets to eat the dirt and leaves and grass- I think he must have learned this from Super.


Hope you’re all having a chance to get out and enjoy this spring weather! 🙂

Sunday Mornings

Spring has finally come! For those of you in the Toronto area, you’ll know what I mean when I say the sun woke up today.

We’d been looking for quite a long time to find a new space for the shop. We wanted all along to have a live/work space, with an apartment above or in the back, but as the shop got fuller and fuller, we started to think maybe we needed to get a bigger shop space, and just get another house close by, as we have now. Real estate in Toronto is no joke, and the small shop was really started to put limits on what new products we could bring in and display, how much stock we could hold, how many people could be in the shop at one time, hiring employees.

We almost broke a couple of times, but I’m so glad we held out for just the right space – for the business and for the family. This new space will be space for both the business to grow and expand, and with room for the family to grow as well.

It makes sense, but it’s also just…good. It means Jon can grab some lunch when the shop is quiet, and I can come out and stock the shelves up while the baby’s napping. It means we might finally bring Super into the shop (don’t hold your breath, he’s basically the worst behaved dog in the world). It means Jon will be around to change more diapers and catch moments some of these precious moments before they’re gone.

Our mornings can look like this everyday, with this little joker and his grin.


I mean, it’s 6:30 am, but how can you not smile?

Plus, his hair is basically growing into a mullet, so just looking at him makes me laugh.

A Trip to the Supermarket

One of the things about running a bricks & mortar is that we work through the weekend and get Monday off, which means Monday is our chore day. Calling the tax man, getting the old Civic lubed up, adventures to the grocery.

One of Jon’s favourite things in life is Chinese roast pork, and so this Monday, we gathered our wits about us and headed out to T&T, our favourite Asian-flavoured supermarket. This place can get pretty intense on the weekends (no kidding), but it’s a bit calmer on a Monday.

If you live in Toronto, and have never been to T&T, you are missing out. Jon and I are the definition of third culture kids, but I don’t think we could survive without the occasional visit here. I suggest you consider the mango-flavoured Melona. And the fresh coconut bread. And stop by the dim sum and get some deep-fried squid. 

Doing anything with this baby is an adventure.
Frozen dumplings? Hilarious!
Sacks of uncooked rice? Delicious!

This kid cracks me up. What an amazing way to get through life.



T&T9  T&T2  T&T4  T&T6

I gotta tell you, this baby is all about attacking life and having a laugh, but when he fades, he fades fast.