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Super at Wonder Pens

Many people who visit our shop notice these handsome mugs on our store walls.

Life Japanese Stationery on display at Wonder Pens in Toronto

Super, wind in his hair, enjoying the 401.

Yes, yes, he’s ours.

Dog with hamster on his head

Super with his former best friend, The Hamster, who unfortunately passed away last year.

Super is a wonderful dog. At home, he is a lover of all and very affectionate. He enjoys long walks on the beach, a good belly rub and is not above sniffing about the garbage. While Super has not yet mastered drinking out of his bowl without leaving water everywhere, he is very good at making sure he doesn’t leave any crumbs after his dinner.

Dog with crazy hat on

Super, staying warm while being a home pup.

Super’s¬†downfall, however, is his enthusiasm for greeting visitors/invaders, and so he’s been a home pup for a while.

Because we spend so many hours here at the shop, we have always thought it would nice to have the pup here with us. Mainly, I thought it would be nice to have the pup here with me, and Jon thought at least the dog won’t be stinking up the couch.

However, we have found a trainer, Andre, who we hope very much will be able to help.¬† Andre actually said Super’s good-looking face will help him in his campaign to become a store dog. Since he’s said that, I’ve had absolute faith in Andre’s judgement.

Andre is helping us with a food machine, which is supposed to give Super food every time the door opens and chimes and people comes in, so Super will associate these alien invaders with good things. Luckily for us, Super is a very food-motivated dog.

Super with Pizza Face

At one point, Andre brought a motorcycle helmet to test Super’s resolve and focus on the food machine – he left the shop and then re-entered with the helmet on yelling in a loud voice, and of course at that exact moment, the food machine jammed and Super barked at the helmet. Baby steps.

Over the next few weeks, mostly after store hours, you may IMG_7578see Super and us and maybe a few others “training” Super to be a little more calm in the store. We’re training him to not bark at people, so feel free to stand at the store window and stare in menacingly to see if Super will bark or not bark at you!

Hopefully, we can successfully get to the stage where new strange people are coming into the store, and hopefully you will help us by giving him treats so he can chill out when people come in.

He will certainly endear himself to you quite quickly, if you’re willing.

Super Looking at Treat