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Do Design 2015


From Thursday, January 22 – Sunday, January 25 (starting tomorrow!) Do Design will be taking place along Dundas W Street in our Trinity Bellwoods BIA area. From Bathurst to Bellwoods Ave, designers are on exhibit in the shop windows of our small strip.

It’s completely free – you can wander up and down Dundas West, look through the windows to see what’s on display, or go into the shops and studios to get a closer look.

photo do design

You may recall last year we had the Derek McLeod’s steel and copper table, which was sleek and heavy and shiny. This year we are very excited to have Khalil Jamal‘s Column Side Table, made out of felt and aluminum. It is designed to offer “numerous configurations by inviting the user to playfully re-stack the 22 rings along the centre post.” I’m pretty sure Jon will have a heart attack if you try to re-arrange it while it’s on display in the shop though…

On Sunday, January 25th at 2pm, there will be a free walking tour of the design exhibits. More details here. Dress warmly!

And additionally! We are going to be one of the locations selected for the “In Context” special feature, which will be a video documenting “a project making a profound impact on its local surroundings and our shared environment.” I think they’re going to be setting up an iPad which will run the video continuously. 

Don’t let the cold weather stop you! This is a great opportunity to get to know local and Canadian designers, a closer look at some of the local businesses in our neighbourhood, and as well as a chance to stretch your legs in this chilly weather. You can get a hot chocolate from Ella’s, or grab lunch at Cafe Brasiliano while you’re in “the ‘hood” (HAHA!).

We’ve already seen a few of the displays just walking the dog around, and everything looks great. Everything will be fully set up for tomorrow, including the video presentations and all of the exhibits, and if you get a chance, you can stop by and let us know what you think of everything!

Do Design on Dundas West

Do Design

We are very excited to be part of Do Design this year, which is taking place along Dundas West between Bathurst & Grace. Restaurants, shops and galleries all have displays featuring local contemporary designers. Each shop will have a small sign describing the display and the artist.

Bundle up, get some coffee or hot chocolate and come venture around the neighbourhood!

Our shop is featuring Derek McLeod’s Flamecut Side Table, which is made from steel and plated in copper. Beautiful, and apparently very heavy (not that I would know as I did not move it in…).

Hope to see you around the neighbourhood this weekend!