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Christmas Behind the Shop

Merry Christmas!

I had hoped to pop onto here in a more timely fashion (i.e. before Christmas had actually happened) to wish you all a happy Christmas or else just an extra happy Friday, but things got away from me a bit. We had started the holiday season ready to go! Pumped! Everything organized! Shipments coming in and counted! And we’ve ended it with half-empty boxes everywhere and scraps of recycling covering tables and Jon looking a bit scragglier than usual. Or,┬ámaybe about the same level of scraggli-ness. Tough to tell with the beard.

But we’re still full of holiday cheer.

I’m sitting at my desk watching as Jon snoozes and Caleb snoozes, and I think Super is snoozing, but he’s been relegated to the packing area for his snooze because he keeps barking and waking up the baby, so I can only assume.

I hope you all had a great holiday. I hope your presents all arrived in time if you ordered them online. I hope your turkeys turned out moist and delicious. Or else, maybe you ordered some take-out, and I hope that was good, too. Jon has promised me one night of Indian take-out and Netflix this break.

Christmas was wonderful here! The actual Christmas celebration, not just the “holiday season,” although that was pretty great, too.

We’ve decided we’re going to try to get Caleb one gift for Christmas, and we hope it’s one he’ll like and use for a while. We’re pretty lucky to have lots of relatives and friends who give Caleb more than enough so we don’t really have to worry about Caleb being deprived, but from us, rather than maybe too much for his little brain to handle, just one gift that we think he’ll like.

Caleb is a very, very physical and coordinated kid – he is a climber and runner and explorer non-stop, and so this Christmas, we got him a pedal-less tricycle that turns into a bicycle, called a balance or a push bike, where the rider just uses his feet against the ground. I actually saw a kid on the sidewalk with one a while ago, and thought to myself that is exactly what Caleb needs. Something to make him crash even faster into boxes of merchandise.

We closed up the shop the afternoon of Christmas Eve, and we had a family dinner at Jon’s parents on Christmas Eve. We came home late to put the baby to bed, and then┬ámoved the tree from the shop to our apartment (Jon), assembled Caleb’s gift (Jon) and wrapped it (me!). Clearly we are not plan-aheaders here, and I had to unwrap one of Caleb’s gifts from his grandma to use the wrapping paper to make a bow for his bicycle. (Sorry, Lola! We wrapped it again in our boring brown paper).

Jon, fixing the lights. Caleb, watching, unaware that his gift is in front of him.

Jon, fixing the lights. Caleb, watching, unaware that his gift is in front of him. This kid is going to get some fast ones pulled over on him.

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