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Handwriting & Cursive Writing Class for Kids

Edit: Thanks for all of your interest! The class is currently full. Please e-mail to add your child’s name onto our waiting list. Stay tuned for more classes!Handwriting and Cursive Writing Class for Kids Toronto Canada Wonder Pens

I’m getting back in the saddle!

We’re going to be hosting a handwriting and cursive writing class for kids on Sunday, August 23, and I’m teaching! It’s like riding a bicycle, right?? ūüėČ

While calligraphy is a beautiful art, cursive writing is skill that can be useful throughout someone’s life. These days, the debate on cursive writing being taught in schools can be heated, but whether or not your child’s teacher is teaching it, or if you feel strongly about your child learning, the fine motor skills of cursive writing can only be an asset. In many ways, there is a lot going on in a kid’s brain when they’re learning in school, and I think if they are confident in physical act of writing, then their brain can focus on learning the new ideas being taught.

Additionally, handwriting and cursive writing can be something that is relaxing and enjoyable. Smooth, flowing curves and even lines, the hope is that your child’s writing is something he or she can take pride in forming.

With school barrelling around the corner in September, this is a good way to flex those fingers and get writing again. This one hour class is a chance for your child to spend some time with a pen and paper, and to learn or practise some cursive writing.

Students need to be at least eight years old, and have mastered printing skills, ideally at least entering Grade 3 in the fall. Their printing writing doesn’t need to be neat or perfect, but they need to be able to print all of the letters confidently – they¬†need to have mastered printing in order to be able to effectively learn a new way to write the letters.

This class is taking place from 2:00 – 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.

It’s free, and each student will receive a Platinum Preppy in his or her choice of colour. If your child has another pen, pencil or favourite fountain pen they’d like to use, please bring it along! Parents or care-givers are more than welcome to hang out around the shop, or grab a coffee in and around Leslieville and give your child a chance to just sit and have fun.

Space is limited, and you need to register to hold your child’s spot by sending us an email, giving us a call, or visiting us¬†in-store. You will receive a confirmation email upon registration as well as an email reminder the week before the class.¬†Please let us know in advance if there are any special needs or accommodations.

Handwriting and Cursive Writing Class for Kids Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

The goal here is to introduce or reinforce cursive writing skills and hopefully enjoy it! Practice makes perfect, though, and while I’m not giving homework, students should be able to go home and continue to practise some of these skills ūüėČ

If all goes well, we may have more classes!

New Calligraphy Class – Pointed Pen with Michele Nidenoff

We’ve been pretty excited about getting this bigger space to have room and opportunity to offer calligraphy classes again!

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll already know about first class – Mark Lurz will be teaching our Introduction to Calligraphy (with broad edge¬†calligraphy) on July 18th, and you can see more information on that here.

Our next class is going to be an Introduction to Pointed Pen with Michele Nidenoff, who also is involved with the Calligraphic Arts Guild in Toronto. She has a wealth of experience in calligraphy as well as illustration and fine art, and has studied at OCAD here in Toronto. Also, she teaches calligraphy classes for the TDSB! 

Pointed Pen Calligraphy Class Workshop at Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Toronto, Canada

The Introduction to Pointed Pen work will give you the basics of creating writing with a “pointed” or flexible nib, like the sample above. This introductory class will focus on teaching the basic strokes and patterns, and with practice, you will be able¬†smooth, elegant strokes. This¬†a great class to add some beauty to your everyday handwriting as well¬†as offer a good foundation to “modern” calligraphy, wedding invitations, graphic design work and more. If you are interested in the more advanced calligraphy, such as Copperplate or Spencerian, this is the place to start.

The class includes all materials and supplies. You will be working with dip pens, nibs and ink, meaning you will be dipping your nib into your inkwell every few lines. We will be providing a wooden nib holder as well as Brause Blue Pumpkin Nibs for the class.

Ink and paper will be provided (along with treats!), and you will also receive your own nib holder and nibs to practise with and take home.

We will be offering one class in the morning from 10am to 1pm, on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at our 250 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 105 location. The cost is $75, and you can either register online or in the shop. There is limited space in the class, and first come first served!¬†If there’s enough interest, we may open up a second class in the afternoon.

As always, on the day of the class please feel free to come a few minutes early to help yourself to coffee or tea and treats, and to get settled in.




Calligraphy Classes are Back!

Some of you may recall that we used to offer calligraphy classes, up until the summer of last year. This was a really exciting part of the bricks and mortar shop – the word calligraphy comes from the Greek, meaning beautiful writing, and of course being a fountain pen nut, how could this not be something we wanted to share.

We stopped holding calligraphy classes at our 906 shop due mostly to space constraints. If you’ve been in our shop, you know it’s not too big. As our business got bigger and we started carrying more products (especially over the winter as we needed to stock higher levels of ink due to shipping issues), the boxes of stuff began to get a little unwieldy.

Having a small space meant we couldn’t run classes while the store was open, and if classes ran over time, we would have a bit of a traffic jam with customers coming in and students moving out. Another problem with having such a small space is the limited number of students we could have at one time, so if we happened to get cancelations, especially at the last minute, we had a tough time making the classes successful.

However, all that has changed! With this new space at 250 Carlaw, Unit 105, we’re ready to begin offering classes again. The space will be big enough to have classes near the back, while other customers can still come in and browse or talk shop.

And! We are so excited to secure Mark Lurz to teach our first classes.

Mark received his formal calligraphy training at the Arts & Craft School in Basel Switzerland, and is founding member of the Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto. As you can see in the examples below, Mark has beautifully mastered many of the Western scripts and hands.

Mark has been teaching classes for over 40 years, so this ain’t his first rodeo. He normally offers his classes in Bolton, and¬†so we’re pretty¬†happy he has agreed to come into the city to share his experience and his skills¬†here. I’m hoping to share a little more about Mark with you over the next few weeks.¬†

Mark Lurz 1

You can sign up online here, or you can pop by the 906 shop anytime up until we move. New workshops will be posted in the workshop section of our website.

The class is $75, and it’s three hours long. There will be some coffee, tea, and treats, and a fifteen minute break halfway through the class. Supplies are provided, so just come ready to flex those fingers!

We’ve got a few more classes in the works, including a pointed pen class.¬†I’m hoping to announce them in the next few weeks, along with more dates for this introductory class. We’ve heard from a lot of you that having classes scheduled far in advance means that you can plan to come if you’re coming into Toronto for a trip from out of town and the timing lines up for you.

Intermediate and advanced classes will be offered as we get going. We’re hoping to try offering different styles of writing and lettering, so if you happen to know any lettering artists or “modern” calligraphers or any other style you can recommend, please consider passing their name on to us! You can send us an email at info at wonderpens .ca.

This is just another reason to get excited for this new space on the East End. Hope to see you there!