Letters from Strangers & Letter Writing Club This Sunday!

There are a few really great things about working in a stationery shop, most of which are fairly straightforward: I get to play around with new pens and inks as soon as they arrive, I get to roam the shop at night in the dark, running my fingers over notebooks, I get to talk about pens all day and call it work.

But one of the things I didn’t really expect is the mail! Every once in a while, we get some pretty great mail from our customers – the occasional thank you note, or a letter with a story – or sometimes I even get letters from people who have stumbled across the blog, which of course totally makes my day.

Incredibly, Caleb has already received a few letters of his own, which I think is just amazing. What better way for a kid to learn to read and write, and also to appreciate something slow and analogue and meaningful – you can write something on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope with a stamp, and send it anywhere in the world! A miracle!

This is a special favourite, Caleb-sized mail, from Silvie in Montreal. Jon grumbles when Caleb gets more mail than he does, but Jon secretly can’t wait to see what’s inside, too.

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Reflections on Another Year as a Pen Clerk – 2015

It’s the end of 2015, and wud’ja believe it, we’re still here. And I’m still rambling.

Here are my top five craziest moments of this past year:

  1. When we’d moved all of our stuff from the old shop, and our contractor stood there trying to stick a piece of rebar between units, and told us that the units don’t connect. (They do, he was just sawing in the wrong spot. Thanks for that heart attack, Nick.)
  2. When Caleb totalled my Parker Lucky Curve nib. There were tears, and they were all mine as Caleb gleefully ran off to destroy something else. The pen is now back with patron saint of pens, Jeffry.
  3. My first day with the Hobonichi (December 16), and Caleb dropping a glob of butter on my leather cover.
  4. Caleb dropping & breaking a bottle of Noodler’s Shah’s Rose (pre-plastic bottle era), and flinging it across the packing area.
  5. That first night here in the new shop and apartment, with pizza and cracking open one of the last bottles of champagne from our wedding.

In actual fact, these are just five crazy moments that I pulled out from no where, because this has been an insane year of crazy moments, so many I can’t even believe everything that’s happened.

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Caleb Adventures in IKEA


We have been “needing” a trip to Ikea for a long time, and with the bricks & mortar closed this week, we piled into our trusty/rusty two-door Civic, looking forward to the drive home, cramped into seats pushed all the way forward by long and flat cardboard boxes. I have been dreaming of Swedish meatballs and vinyl arrows on the floor for weeks.

We were almost going to go on a Sunday afternoon, but figured it would be less busy on a Monday mid-morning. Let me tell you, as we were leaving we overheard an Ikea employee talking to another co-worker, pushing a long row of shopping carts back into the building, “This isn’t even close, it’s going to be a stampede.”

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