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On Finding a Work/Life Balance

Fun fact No.1: Today I took off Caleb’s diaper, and he scampered off while I was looking for another one. I turned around to discover that he had pooed on the floor.
I had to call in the big guns (Jon) to take care of that fiasco.

Fun fact No. 2: Long overdue, I bought some new clothes for Caleb, mostly for the incoming fall weather, but also because he’s long outgrown most of his current clothes. He’s pretty normal sized except he has a very large head, and while it’s pretty funny watching him grunt with triumph and joy when he gets his head through the neck hole, I was getting worried one day I’d have to cut him out of something.
I vastly prefer him to wear onesies basically all the time because it’s easier for me, but clothing companies make less onesie options and more “real clothing” options the older the babies get. In my desperation, I purchased this “unisex” night gown sort of onesie. Upon receiving this, I’ve discovered it looks more like it was made for a certain gender (not Caleb’s).

Caleb in his “unisex” night gown onesie.

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My Secret Pen Box of Shame

If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time at all, you’ll know that we recently moved both our home and our shop across the city into a live/work unit.

The actual move itself was physically gruelling (for Jon), but it was the packing and organizing and unpacking and re-organizing that was one of the most mentally draining exercises I’ve ever done in my life – so mentally draining that there are still a few boxes that remain unpacked, left to an uncertain fate.

One of the positives from the move is that it forced us to evaluate how much we wanted certain items – were we really willing or even able to move so much stuff? As we got closer to the move date, things got a little hairy, and I think a lot of things just ended up in boxes to be dealt with “later.”

Over the years, and now over the last few months, we’ve tried to pare down the amount of “stuff” we have. It’s always been a bit of a balancing act – there is truly some stuff that we enjoy using and that brings value to our lives: we all know that old chestnut about not having anything “that we don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” in our home. We’re trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have that we just truly don’t use.

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Watercolours & Some Thoughts on Creativity

So we’ve mostly recovered from the Vintage Pen Market this past weekend, especially since we also had Monday off. We left all the tables and chairs in the shop to put back together on Monday, along with a bunch of other chores, like grocery shopping and running some errands, but today the shop was back to business again.

Clairefontaine Graf it sketch pad Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

I’ve been using the Clairefontaine Graf It Sketchpad to try out some new things, and I took a few pictures to share! I actually took these a week or two ago, but managed to let myself get too distracted to remember to post them. Normally it seems like I just use regular notebooks for writing, notepads from Rhodia or correspondence stationery, but I’ve been trying to stretch my creative chops lately.

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