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Tips for Sending out Christmas Cards

As someone who loves everything about sending out snail mail (writing letters, finding stamps, addressing envelopes,going to the post office or mailbox…), Christmas is like… well, Christmas.

I’ve been getting myself mentally prepared for this marathon of snail mailing excitement. I’ve loaded up on Santa Claus washi tape, and this is it! Show time 🙂


Whether you’ve got custom cards with a family photo, or you’re picking up a few cards designed by local artists, or if you’re crafty enough to make your own, this is the time of year to be sending out good wishes through the post. We’ve got a few festive cards from Gotamago in our shop (Note: I added these to the website with my very own tapping fingers, which is why they’re formatted a bit funny, but I’m assuming Jon is going to fix that lickety-split).

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The Wonder Pens Family Goes to the National Stamp Show in Toronto

With all the excitement of the Scriptus Toronto Pen Show, I think I needed a week or maybe two weeks to recover, but there’s no rest for the weary! This past weekend was the Toronto National Postage Stamp Show. I have to admit, I was not too excited leading up to the show, but only because I forgot until Saturday night. Had I remembered earlier, though, I’m pretty sure I would have been excited all week, because I love stamps.

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Treats from the National Postage Stamp Show in Toronto

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a lover of all kinds of stationery. Obviously, fountain pens, and notebooks and paper, but also even gel pens and ballpoint pens, and of course letter writing supplies and ephemera and…postage stamps.  I have spent way, way too much time and possibly money on the Canada Post website ordering new stamps online. However, I think you can only use so many low value Beneficial Insects stamps before you start writing to Canada Post to come up with some other low value stamps to make your letters look a bit more interesting – so, when I heard of this Toronto Stamp Show, I knew I needed to go and find a few things to spice up my snail mail.

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Letter Writing Club FAQs

I think one of my favourite times of the month is our Letter Writing Club. While I get a bit weepy thinking about Caleb growing up, every month when the second Sunday rolls around I think to myself, I can’t wait until Caleb is old enough to occupy himself with some toys so I can sit down and write some letters for the entire two hours. In between sips of tea and maybe an egg tart. Or two.

Toronto Letter Writing Club Wonder Pens

Our next Letter Writing Club is this upcoming Sunday, November 8th, and of course I’ve got a stack of letters to get into.

For first-timers, though, I thought I might put up a few frequently asked questions to hopefully welcome you to venture into our shop for some letter writing madness! It can sometimes be a bit intimidating to come into a new place and not ‘know what’s going on,’ but I hope you’ll give us a try if you’re in the area.

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