Letters from Strangers & Letter Writing Club This Sunday!

There are a few really great things about working in a stationery shop, most of which are fairly straightforward: I get to play around with new pens and inks as soon as they arrive, I get to roam the shop at night in the dark, running my fingers over notebooks, I get to talk about pens all day and call it work.

But one of the things I didn’t really expect is the mail! Every once in a while, we get some pretty great mail from our customers – the occasional thank you note, or a letter with a story – or sometimes I even get letters from people who have stumbled across the blog, which of course totally makes my day.

Incredibly, Caleb has already received a few letters of his own, which I think is just amazing. What better way for a kid to learn to read and write, and also to appreciate something slow and analogue and meaningful – you can write something on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope with a stamp, and send it anywhere in the world! A miracle!

This is a special favourite, Caleb-sized mail, from Silvie in Montreal. Jon grumbles when Caleb gets more mail than he does, but Jon secretly can’t wait to see what’s inside, too.

Wonder Pens Letter Writing Club Toronto Canada Fountain Pens


Wonder Pens Letter Writing Club Toronto Canada Fountain Pens

Mini-sealing wax! How perfect!!

I’m sharing this both because it’s lovely, but also because our first Letter Writing Club of 2016 is coming up this Sunday, January 10th, and I couldn’t be more excited, and not just because I’m, you know, just a bit backed up on my own letters – it’ll be nice to see everyone again, and catch up about the holidays and everything else that’s happening! We didn’t have a Letter Writing Club in December for the big holiday rush, which I definitely missed.

It’s certainly frosty out these days, time to bust out the big winter jackets, so I hope you can make it! Bundle up and maybe get a hot chocolate for the trip over. Otherwise, we’ll be enjoying the tea and egg tarts on your behalf, and thinking of you 🙂

Over the last few days, we’ve been busy, both wrapping up the holiday stuff and also preparing to start the new year in the shop. We’ve been catching up on online orders, and I’m really sorry if yours is late! With the bricks & mortar shop closed, we had to change our Canada Post pick-up schedule. Going forward, we’re planning on things getting back into good order.

I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done over the break, and we really only got two or three of the big ones done, including ordering and assembling some big shelving for the back. It was a bit nuts over the holidays with the extra inventory and everything everywhere, but we spent our New Years Eve putting it all together, celebrating both a new year, and a business that’s grown enough to need new shelves.

As much as I loved the bustling holiday season, and the slightly quieter busy-ness of the break, it’s nice to get back into things. We had to go to Yorkdale Mall (I think maybe one of the biggest malls in Toronto, although I really have no idea) to exchange something, and I couldn’t believe how busy it was even though the holidays are over! It was a bit surreal, like we were in a theme park, which I guess was appropriate since it was Caleb’s first trip. We even got some popcorn! …which we ate on the very long car ride back. It took us I think 20 minutes to exit the parking lot because of construction and traffic.

In any case, it’s been a bit of a longer than expected break from me on the blog, even though I had a few things I wanted to post a bit more about. They are still on the list though, and I also got a new calendar which is supposed to help me stay more organized (haha.).

Not only that, we’ve got something big in the works! One of the most exciting things we’ve done as a pen shop!! Stay tuned!!

Wonder Pens Letter Writing Club Snail Mail Fountain pens Toronto Canada



12 thoughts on “Letters from Strangers & Letter Writing Club This Sunday!

    1. Liz Post author

      You know me, I’m all about the hints!! But this one is coming very soon. I hope I haven’t been too dramatic, but I’m very excited!! 🙂

      1. ceewilson

        Visconti? Delta? Montblanc? Lol. You’re single handedly bringing back Conway Stewart from the dead?

      2. Liz Post author

        All great pen lines!! But I can’t say 😉 You’ll have to ask Jon the next time you stop by!! 🙂

  1. Andrew W

    I’m looking forward to the writing club this weekend, hopeful I’ll be able to attend (my first time). Lots of thank-you letters / notes to write!

    1. Liz Post author

      That’s so great to hear!! I hope you can make it, it’s the perfect place to settle in to get some thank you notes done – good company, and a few treats 🙂

  2. TMoreau

    Well that is the neatest little letter. What a cool thing to be able to save for Caleb. “See? You were totally famous when you were little.”

    Good luck with the new year.

    1. Liz Post author

      Isn’t it perfect for Caleb?? I always wonder how Caleb will look back on these photos of him that I’ve published on the internet, and I can only hope he grows up to have a good sense of humour 🙂


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