What’s in My Pen Roll – Christmas Edition

I love looking at other people’s pen and ink choices because it’s so interesting to think about why they’ve picked which pen and which ink. It’s like sneaking a peek into someone’s medicine cabinet. Aren’t you all curious about what ink Nathan Tardiff has in his pens right now?? Or Philip Wang? Or your favourite local pen clerks??

One day I’m going to do a guide on what your fountain pen ink choice says about you, which will be completely made up, but will shock you with its accuracy and truth (or be completely wrong, as I’m just making it up).

For now, I’m just sharing what’s in my pen roll.


What's in my pen roll fountain pens wonder pens Toronto Canada

The paper is the Midori TN insert, so great for fountain pen ink.

Left Page:
Noodler’s Army Green – Lamy 2000 OBB
Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu – Sailor 1911S Medium
J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage – Lamy Safari Broad
J. Herbin Vert Olive – Parker Sonnet Fine

Right Page:
Diamine Autumn Oak – TWSBI Vac Mini Medium
Diamine Terracotta – TWSBI 580 AL-Orange – Fine
Noodler’s Burgundy – Platinum Balance Medium
KWZ Maple Red (Scriptus Ink) – Kaweco Luxe Fine

Read on for my usual “delightful” commentary (on the inks).

Writing Sample Noodler's Army Green Lamy 2000 OBB Nib Wonder Pens Toronto Canada fountain pens

An old favourite! Noodler’s Army Green, a rich and warm and earthy green. Good for fall and spring, too.

Writing Sample Sailor 1911 Medium Nib Tokiwa Matsu Four Seasons

I just got a new Sailor 1911S in Transparent with Gold Trim, and I love it! It is just a wonderful nib. And with it, I’ve put Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu from their Four Season’s Line. I held back a bit on the new line for the sake of now discontinued Epinard & Grenade & Sky High, but I’ve finally relented. And it’s a great dark green. With sheen (although not in this photo).

Writing Sample J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage Lamy Safari Broad Fountain Pen

J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage – not a green I use a lot, but a very solid Christmas Green. The pen is a Lamy Safari (my now favourite Neon-Lime) Broad.

Writing Sample J. Herbin Vert Olive Parker Sonnet Fine Fountain Pen Toronto Canada Wonder Pens

I had a customer who told me she used J.Herbin Vert Olive for years (!) and got so many compliments on the ink she didn’t want to switch. So of course I had to try it. It’s a bit light, which I think may have to do with the residual water in my Parker Sonnet from cleaning, especially since my Sonnet is a bit of a wet writer. I think I may have to do a proper trying-out of this ink to really see how it is.

Writing sample Diamine Autumn Oak TWSBI Vac Mini Medium fountain pens Toronto Canada

Diamine Autumn Oak in my Vac-Mini, which I also used in my blog post yesterday on using the Vac-20 bottle. I know, not only is it orange and not red, it actually says “Autumn” in it. What can I say…I was too excited for the pen.

Writing sample Diamine Terracotta TWSBI 580 AL Fine

Diamine Terracotta in my 580 AL – This one is cheating a bit because I still have it in my pen from that blog post comparing Terracotta with Ancient Copper. But it’s what’s in my pen roll! 🙂

Writing sample Noodler's Burgundy Platinum Balance Medium Wonder Pens fountain Pens Toronto

Noodler’s Burgundy, a bit on the purple side of red, as it is “burgundy,” but still a bit festive. In my Platinum Balance, also nice and wet.

Writing sample KWZ Scriptus Pen Show Maple Red Kaweco Luxe Gold F nib

The KWZ Maple Red ink from the Scriptus Toronto Pen Show! I finally had a chance to try it out in a pen. Just a slight tinge of brown, which is nice since I’m not a big fan of bright reds. In my Kaweco Luxe with a fine nib.

I’d like to do a “What’s in My Pen Roll” post more often, as I change up inks and pens all the time, but the real problem is that I usually change inks when I’ve written a pen dry, and so I don’t typically have a bunch of pens to clean out and refill in an organized way once a week or once a month. Or I should say that the real problem is that as a result of filling my pens haphazardly whenever I feel like it, I don’t always remember what ink is in which pen.

For Christmas, however, I had to do something at least a little festive, so there was some good pen cleaning and re-organization in the pen roll. It’s always nice to give your pens a good cleaning and fresh fill all at once.

We’re counting down the days! If you’re off work already, I hope you’re enjoying your time with family and friends, and maybe a few inky pens too. If you’re like us, working right up until Santa comes, I hope you have your inky pens to keep you company 🙂

I would love to hear if you have any Christmas or holiday or festive inks going on in your pens!

What's in my pen roll Wonder Pens Toronto Canada fountain pens

12 thoughts on “What’s in My Pen Roll – Christmas Edition

  1. ceewilson

    That KWZ Maple Red looks pretty close to Diamine Oxblood, but a tiny bit brighter. Sort of wish I had grabbed some at the pen show. How are you liking the Vac Mini? Diamine Brandy Dazzle is a fairly festive ink.

    1. Liz Post author

      I am loving the Vac-Mini!! It is both an advantage and a downfall that it has such a huge ink capacity, because I don’t get to fill it that often – in fact, I’m still on my first fill, which I think I will be on for the next two months… The KWZ Maple Red is nice! You’re right, it’s definitely close to Diamine Oxblood! Which is more up my alley than the brighter reds, so it will also be nice to have even after the Christmas season 🙂

      1. ceewilson

        I’m enjoying mine as well, though I think I need to work on the nib a bit to make it a bit juicier. Thank you for the KWZ Maple Red once again, it’s a very cool ink.

      2. Liz Post author

        Let me know how the work on the nib goes! Of course, I’m more than happy to share since there were so few bottles to go around 🙂

  2. JJ ColourArt

    I did a little pen sketch of Clara from The Nutcracker ballet with the new Noodler’s General of the Armies ink that I bought from you, and filled the neon lime Lamy Safari I bought from you. Does that count? Come on, what could be more Christmas-y than that?

    1. Liz Post author

      Yup, definitely!! I have yet to try General of the Armies, but I seem to hear a lot of good things about it! It will have to go on my list for the new year. And of course, I love my Neon-Lime, so I might have to try the same combination as you 🙂

  3. Ruth

    I wrote my Christmas cards with J. Herbin Emeraude de Chivor and Rouge Hematite. They definitely made my cards look more festive! And it was so much fun to do!

    1. Liz Post author

      That’s great!! I was also going to use Rouget Hematite, but for some reason I couldn’t find my bottle! Maybe for Valentine’s Day 🙂 I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Was it you that received a gift card?? 🙂

  4. Dave Busse

    Liz –
    What brand of pen roll do you use, and do you sell it in your shop? I’ve bought a couple from different sources. One the leather is a little stiff, the other too thin. Always looking to upgrade the writing experience.



    1. Liz Post author

      Hi Dave 🙂
      It’s the Superior Labor Pen Roll – and we do sell it! https://www.wonderpens.ca/Superior_Labor_s/1996.htm

      I love mine! The leather will be pretty stiff when you first get it, but mine has really worked in nicely, and I’ve had mine for maybe half a year. I do use mine a lot, rolling and unrolling and I bring it around with me everywhere I go. If you’re ever available to drop by the shop, you can take a look at the different colours, and also see how soft the leather gets over time! 🙂


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