The Vac Mini (+ Other Shop Updates)

The Vac Mini’s are here!! ! !  ! !

So, it’s basically Christmas, already.

TWSBI Vac-Mini Fountain Pen at Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

I have been looking forward to these Vac Minis for as long as I can remember. I get excited now and then for new pen arrivals, but I have to say this is the most exciting thing we’ve ever received from TWSBI. And that is including the Minis with white & rose gold, one of which I have and love dearly.

New products are always being released and re-stocked from distributors, and it’s always nice to get new stuff in. True to how we do things here at the shop, I don’t usually know the specifics of what’s going on in the pen world until someone actually sends us tracking information.

However: I’ve had a tab open on my laptop with the tracking for these bad boys since I got the e-mail.

TWSBI 580 Vac-Mini size comparison Fountain Pens Toronto Canada Wonder Pens

TWSBI 580 AL in Blue with the TWSBI Vac-Mini below

I’ve inked mine with Diamine Autumn Oak. I thought I was going to do something Christmassy, but I wasn’t organized enough when the pens came in, and the pen needed to be (vacuum-)filled, you know, immediately.

TWSBI Vac-20 bottles for Vac-700 and Vac-Mini Fountain Pens at Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

TWSBI Vac-20 Bottles

We also have the new Vac-20 bottles, which will also fit the standard size Vac-700. The parts are not compatible with the old Vac-20 bottles. I thought I would keep a black, but I am liking the orange. Who knows.

I’d like to do a comparison with the Vac-700, but not having used the Vac-700 too extensively, maybe I will just do a post with a few more details of the Vac-Mini. The bricks & mortar is closed from December 25th to January 1st, so I’ve got a list of blog posts and reviews I’d like to do. Stay tuned!

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen Wonder Pens Toronto Canada

Other shop updates:

New Tomoe River Paper
I know it’s been a bit frustrating as our stock has gone in and out with this paper, but I think we’re now a bit more organized in having it available regularly.

The big news on the Tomoe River paper is that we now have it in White in addition to Cream, and we have it cut to both the European A4 size (like before, or like in Rhodia A4 pads) as well as to the American Letter size.

Lamy Boxed Gift Sets
We now have Lamy gift sets! Perfect for Christmas giving, or other gifting events, since they come in a nice box. These are really a great deal, even if you’re not boxing them up to give away, since you save some money by purchasing it in the set.

Lamy Boxed Gift Set Wonder Pens Toronto Canada Fountain pens

We have them available with a Charcoal Safari or a Graphite Al-Star. We’ve brought these in as a one time thing for Christmas, and I don’t think we’ll be ordering more of them. Our distributor offered them as a great deal for the holidays, and of course we took him up on it. If you’re thinking that this might make a good present for a birthday or graduation in the new year, now’s the time!

Christmas Shipping
Our guideline dates have come and gone, but actually, I would venture to say that we still have a bit of leeway if you still need something for under the tree. If you’re close by (within Ontario or Quebec), and especially if you’re in a major city, packages are expected to arrive within one business day. With Canada Post shipping through the weekend, you may still have some time.

If you’re a bit farther than that, we might still make it, or you can also give us a call or e-mail for an Xpresspost quote. We normally ship Expedited through Canada Post.


So we’re singing Christmas jingles while Jon is pulling out his hair with people’s Christmas orders, and now I’ve got my Vac-mini. It’s like the world is at peace, and my pen roll is finally complete.

Who am I joking, it’s not really complete, because I am expecting a few more pretty delicious things to arrive in the new year. And even then, is a pen roll really ever complete??

11 thoughts on “The Vac Mini (+ Other Shop Updates)

  1. ceewilson

    Ack. Meant to say pick up some goodies and I would have grabbed one of those as well. Oh well. Next time I suppose.

    1. Liz Post author

      A day too late! Or longer, depending on how you look at it – can’t believe I’ve lived this long without a Vac-Mini! 🙂 Hope to see you soon in any case 🙂

  2. Mark

    I got mine earlier this afternoon with a 1.1mm nib and I filled it with Ancient Copper. I am really excited about this little pen – it writes beautifully!

    1. Liz Post author

      I considered Ancient Copper, too! I went with Autumn Oak because I figured the clear barrel needed something light, but Ancient Copper is one of my favourite inks 🙂 Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

  3. Barbara

    Order is in! I’ll pick up an ink bottle in a future ink order…as well as a few other things I have in my wish list. I’m so happy I found you. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all.

  4. Elaine

    My day tomorrow has suddenly become packed. Even with someone else babysitting. I am trying to figure out whether I can make it down to the store or not. If not, I’ll be placing an order online tonight for later pick up. 😉 Now, to decide on EF or 1.1mm… Christmas has come early. 🙂

      1. Elaine

        I did manage to stop by and I am liking the Vac Mini a lot. I’ve barely had the time to ink it up and try it out, but it is exactly what I expected and had hoped for in that pen. I decided on the EF because I wanted to use it as my hobonichi pen. As much as I enjoy writing with my platinum pens, I just can’t put them in the pen loops on the hobonichi cover and toss the thing into my bag. So, the Vac Mini is perfect!

      2. Liz Post author

        Yes, the Vac Mini would be perfect for that! I’m glad you are liking yours! Jon is also using a TWSBI as his Hobonichi pen, but I’m a bit more fickle 🙂

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