What’s in my Pen Roll

Happy Friday!

With the long weekend coming up, I hope you have some exciting Thanksgiving plans, whether it’s turkey with family, or a long date with Netflix and some Indian take-out (I took a walk with Caleb all the way to the Gerrard India Bazaar and after smelling all that delicious Indian food I have been craving Butter Chicken like crazy ever since).

What's in my pen roll Wonder Pens Blog Fountain Pens wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

Sometimes people ask what my or Jon’s favourite pen is, and it’s a bit of a hard question to answer, since there are so many! I thought I would share a few of my favourite pens + inks I have in my pen roll right now, and maybe I’ll do this every once in a while, since pens are always changing.

Actually, I have a few more than four pens inked right now, but I thought I would take it easy this first time šŸ˜‰

What's in my pen roll Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada Fountain Pens

From left to right:

Kaweco Special, Extra Fine with Sailor Kiwa Guro Black
Parker Sonnet, Fine with Diamine Ancient Copper
Pilot 78G Teal, Medium with J. Herbin Lie de The
TWSBI Mini White with Rose Gold, Broad (this finish is now discontinued), with Waterman Havana Brown

TWSBI Mini Broad Waterman Havana Brown Writing Sample Fountain Pen wonderpens.ca Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada

TWSBI Mini Broad, Waterman Havana Brown

Parker Sonnet 18K Fine Writing Sample Diamine Ancient Copper Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada Fountain Pens

Parker Sonnet Fine, with Diamine Ancient Copper – still in there from my review of the Sonnet.

Pilot 78G Medium J Herbin Lie de The Writing Sample Wonder Pens Blog wonderpens.ca Toronto Canada

Pilot 78G Medium, J. Herbin Lie de The – possibly one of my favourite inks and also favourite pens of all time.

Kaweco Special Extra Fine with Sailor Kiwa Guro

Kaweco Special Extra Fine with Sailor Kiwa Guro

I’m trying to convince Jon to let me do up his currently inked pens, but he says his handwriting is too terrible to be published on the internet (like something being “too terrible” has ever stopped anyone else from putting it on the internet). I’m working on it. I’m also concurrently working on convincing him to be my guinea pig for how to redeem your handwriting as an adult. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In other news, a pretty exciting thingĀ finally happened – I’m writing this blog post from our local library!* When the baby was a true infant, newborn, I used to be able to go to cafes with the baby in a wrap, and he would just be snoozing. After he got a bit older, he started waking much more easily, so it was a bit more difficult, or at least I required Jon if we were going to go to a cafe, so we could take turnsĀ entertaining the prince.

Even now at home, it’s a bit tough to get work done at the computer, as Caleb is kind of a high energy kid, and he’s always trying to put books and toys into my lap.Ā It finally occurred to me that while Caleb was sleeping in his stroller on our afternoon walks, I could bring my laptop and get some work done. It’s peaceful and bright, I’m not looking at a kitchen sink full of dishes, and as a bonus,Ā blog posts aren’t getting published at 10:30 in the evening! I read an article about how you’re supposed to strategize when you publish your blog postsĀ to maximize your readership…

*Shortly after having written that sentence, the bear cub awoke, and we had to make a quick exit.

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Pen Roll

  1. Tida

    So many browns! I’ve mostly had vibrant ink colours up until now so I’ve tried dabbling into the neutrals world with J. Herbin Lie de The and I love it! šŸ™‚

    1. Liz Post author

      Yes, maybe too many browns, haha! I think it’s the fall weather – Lie de the is one of my favourite inks, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it! šŸ™‚

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