Wonder Pens Index

If you’ve ever read Harper’s Magazine, you’ll know one of the most interesting things they publish in each issue is their Index, where they collect and list statistics from the US and around the world. In university, I recall reading a crazy one about 2 people being trampled to death at the opening of an Ikea in Saudi Arabia – but that sounds unreal to me now, so maybe my memory is starting to get a little foggy.

Here are a few numbers from our neck of the woods.

Total hours the bricks & mortar has been open for business: 4971
At the 250 Carlaw Avenue location: 595
Total number of egg tarts consumed at Wonder Pens events: 48
Number of ink bottles broken by customers on Jon’s watch: 3
On Liz’s watch: 0
By Liz: 4
Number of times per day that Jon says “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Liz.”: 8
Caleb’s teeth count: 6
Number of library materials currently checked out: 15
Overdue: 1
Number of accidentally unlabelled sample vials of mystery ink: 9
Number of times per week Jon says “I need to start going to the gym again”: 6
Number of times per week Liz says “I need more washi tape”: 22
Number of times per week someone calls and asks about cartridges for their printers: 1-2
Current CAD to USD exchange rate: 1 to 0.75
Number of samples made by Liz in one night: ~500
Of samples spilled: 3
Average number of weekly blog posts: 4.17
Number of letters written at the last Letter Writing Club: 15
Mailed internationally: 4
In the Wonder Pens household, portion of currently inked pens used by Liz: 14/18
Percentage of people who write their name when testing out pens: 75
Of people who write their names, then scribble it out: 30

Wonder Pens Index Sources: Liz + her trusty calculator + her foggy memory

Wonder Pens Stationery Shop Dundas West Carlaw Avenue Toronto Canada

14 thoughts on “Wonder Pens Index

  1. Fernanda

    What a lovely exchange rate! Brazilian Real to USD is 1 dollar to 4 reais. Yikes ;(
    I never understood why people would scribble their names out. Honestly, do they have a PI after them that they think are going to check for it? Super weird.
    Loved the statistics, Liz.

    1. Liz Post author

      The CAD used to be on par so I’m always wishing it was better, but comparing it to the Brazilian Real definitely puts it into perspective for us!
      I’ve always thought the same thing about writing your name on the tester paper because there’s not really too much people can do with just your name, which is all around in any case! I love it when people write “Paul Bananapants was here.” Confidence! And a permanent mark in life! 🙂


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