Price Increases – TWSBI & Sailor

Bad news is coming, I’m afraid…

I know price increases are not popular, but unfortunately, the Canadian dollar continues to plummet. It is currently at 1.32 USD to CAD, and when we purchase from the US, we are really getting hit hard.

Most of our TWSBI products are being increased by a few dollars, but here are the important ones:

TWSBI 580 from $60 CAD to $65
TWSBI 580-AL from $72 CAD to $78
TWSBI Vac700 from $78 CAD to $85

We haven’t raised prices on Sailor so far, but the time has come.

Sailor Reglus – from $133 CAD to $145
Sailor Professional Gear Slim – from $185 CAD to $205
Sailor Professional Gear/1911L – from $295 CAD to $325

Sailor Jentle Inks – from $15.50 CAD to $16.50
Sailor Four Seasons Inks – from $22 CAD to $24
Sailor Kiwa-Guro/Sei-Boku – from $25.50 CAD to $30

I’m really sorry to have to keep announcing these price increases – I know every time I blog about this I talk about the exchange rates, but these are literally the same prices as US retailers except in Canadian dollars. We are continuing to absorb the cost of increased international shipping, duties & custom taxes.

We have had a few folks from the US comment that our prices end up being really terrific for them because their dollar buys more here than if they would be buying from US stores. While we love our American visitors, our current Canadian pricing is a disadvantage for both our US retailer friends but also for us to continue to stay in business. We had hoped our Canadian dollar would strengthen and perk up a bit, but with fluctuations mostly downward, this is unfortunately out of our control.

Thanks so much for your understanding and support. We really, really appreciate it when folks in store comment about the exchange rate, knowing that our already slim margins in importing goods because even slimmer. It can sometimes seem like our prices are “higher” than getting it from other independent retailers, but in reality, with the exchange rate, we are still committed to as fair and as competitive prices as we can afford to offer you.

These new prices will take effect Monday, August 17th. If you have any questions, please let me know. Unfortunately, we cannot hold old prices for products that are out of stock up to and as of August 17th, although we are going to be trying our best to get TWSBI and Sailor in over the next two weeks.

6 thoughts on “Price Increases – TWSBI & Sailor

  1. Calligraphy Nut (@CalligraphyNut)

    I think if you buy internationally (Personally I frequent England, Canada, and Japan) you expect this and understand it’s really out of the hands of the small business owner. Would rather see you do what you need to keep offering your excellent service – Nobody expects you to start accepting Canadian Tire money anytime soon : )

    1. Liz Post author

      Thanks so much for your understanding! Price increases always sound terrible, but it’s the only for us to stay afloat.
      We’re saying no on the Cad Tire money for now, but I guess you never know when you might need a new hose or campfire stove 😉

  2. markbee

    Thanks for the update and I’m sorry to hear the exchange rate is making things difficult for you. But I’m glad you reminded me about the Sailor pens. I can’t wait to start in on that line of pens. I don’t have any ANY in my collection yet.

    1. Liz Post author

      Thanks so much for your support! I guess this exchange rate also encourages all of us to continue to support Canadian goods 🙂

      And! I am a little surprised you haven’t taken on Sailor yet – it’s hard to “complete” a collection of fountain pens without a Sailor nib! Then again, I guess a fountain pen collection can never really be complete…

  3. Ruth

    I was just noticing that your price on the J. Herbin Anniversary inks is much better than on a certain American site I glance at from time to time, given the current horrible exchange rate – I suppose because you aren’t bringing them in from the U.S.? Anyway, it’s one example of how extremely competitive your prices actually are. I don’t think anyone has a right to complain about price increases which are caused by the vagaries of international currency markets!

    1. Liz Post author

      Yup, you’re right on – J. Herbin is manufactured and brought in from Europe through a Canadian distributor, so we don’t face that extra layer of exchange. All the more reason to support our fellow Canadian businesses! 🙂 – and thanks for the support! We really appreciate it.


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