Pink Dinosaurs

I recently discovered Washi Tape, which opened up a whole new world for me. I think this is one of those things where I say, “Jon, I’m going to be sending some important e-mails,” and then Jon stops by my desk 45 minutes later, sees me browsing washi tape online, decides it’s probably best not to say anything, and walks away.

I’m pretty sure I’m not using this stuff properly, but just give me some time.

From the pen cup.

From the pen cup

Washi Tape Dinos

Too early in the morning for everyone except the baby.

I’ve been using some of this excellent tape on some of the few online orders I pack up, so if you get some pink dinosaurs in your order, know you have received some extra love from me.* I’ve been trying to convince Jon to do likewise, but he’s having none of it. Something to do with efficiency and slowing him down.

In case it wasn’t already clear (by the fact that I opened up a stationery shop), I think I have a real problem with stationery.


*In case you are concerned you may have miss out on the pink dinosaurs, I also some some flamingo washi tape.

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